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Witches (魔女 Majo) are powerful beings capable of Magic. They are naturally destructive by nature and reside in the Witch's Realm, where they are ruled by the witch queen: Mabaa



Witches Explanation

Death explaining Witches.

Witches - like other humanoid races - have a varied appearance and every one is distinct and unique, usually fitting with the an animal theme which also reflects their clothing, physicsal aesthetics, mannerisms and fighting style. Due to their long lifespan, most witches can be hundreds of years old and still retain a youthful and beautiful appearance. Contrary to this, as shown by the witch Samantha, some witches can appear more similar to the stereotypical hag-like witch rather than a beautiful young woman. Witches are exclusively female and can be identified due to their purple-coloured soul.


Various Spell Mantras

Various types of Witch Mantras.

Although not a necessity, witches occasionally make use of a specific mantra or chant when initiating magical spells (as do other beings capable of magic). A witch's mantra is unique to herself and reflects her animal theme, for example: Medusa Gorgon's theme of snakes being shown through the chant "Nake, Snake, Cobra, Cobabara".

As previously stated, this mantra is not essential to the casting of a spell, it appears to focus a witch more and allows them to greater concentrate on the spell. This is evident due to such witches as Arachne and Mizune abandoning or lacking a specific chant to perform magic and have used magic on multiple occasions.

Sway of MagicEdit

The Sway of Magic (魔法の揺れ Mahō no Yure) is the term used to describe the internal, natural destructive instinct within a witch. Almost all witches are influenced by this inner force yet it does not "take hold" until pubescence and can learn to repress their destructive instincts before their powers develop. Another form of witch that can ignore her instinct to destroy is one who uses non-destructive magic such as Regeneration Magic, demonstrated by both Kim Diehl and Jolie. These "Good-Natured Witches" are rare and few in numbers.

Known WitchesEdit

Name Theme Magic
Angela LeonChameleonsInvisibility
ArachneSpidersSpider Magic
Eruka FrogFrogsArithmetic Magic
Frog Magic
FreeWolvesIce Magic
Spatial Magic
Kim DiehlTanukiRegeneration Magic
MabaaUnknownSpatial Magic
Medusa GorgonSnakesArithmetic Magic
Snake Magic
Vector Magic
MizuneMiceMouse Magic
PoneraAntsAnt Magic
Shaula GorgonScorpionsScorpion Magic
Tabasa ButterflyButterfliesButterfly Magic
Taruho FireflyFirefliesFirefly Magic
Witch JudgeCatsUnknown

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Magic (魔法 Mahō): A witch's most fundamental and noteworthy ability id their capability with magic - the supernatural force that allows the user to influence and change the laws and events of the world to their own choosing. Their magic usually follows a distinct animal theme that reflects their appearance, personality, traits and occasionally even their name.

Soul Protect (魂の保護 Tamashī no Hogo): Witches also possess a form of magic that allows them to neutralize their soul's distinct witch wavelength and appear as normal humans, however once a soul protect is active, the witch remains unable to use her own magic without releasing said soul protect.

Potioncraft (水薬工芸品 Suiyaku Kōgei-Hin): Alongwith combat-oriented magical abilities, witches also possess the capability to brew magical potions which can have varying effects such as healing, poisoning or a forming sleeping agent.

Flight: Most, if not all witches have the ability to defy gravity and fly through the air, either unaccompanied or through the use of a Broomstick.

Meister Capabilities: Vaguely heard of due to the nature of the relationship between Witches and Demon Weapons. Although it has been shown that some witches choose to become meisters, as evident by Kim Diehl, who is a Lamp Meister.

Longevity: Witches have a remarkably long lifespan, some still appearing young, beautiful and healthy despite being several hundred year old, shown in the case of the Gorgon Sisters.

Portal Manifestation: Witches can conjure portals to the witches's realm. Apparently there is a rule that -when in a group of witches - the youngest witch must open the portal. Kim opens a portal by lifting her skirt and wiggling her butt in the form of hiragana. She states that the portal has to be made through a witches body leaving a question as to the phrases meaning.

Familiar Summoning: A less common power than others such as magic or the capability of flight, some witches are able to summon a Familiar, a magical aide (often in the form of an animal similar to the witch's animal theme). These Familiars can be used as spies, means of transportation and some even in combat.


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