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Soul Eater: The Green Soul Upcoming Episodes (Season 1)

Right now I am making a project called Soul Eater: The Green Soul. I've confirmed last episodes for season 1. The endings are "Daybreak's Bell", "Answer", and "Forbidden" for season 1.

Here are the next confirmed episodes:

  • 22 - Boom or Crash? Weapon And Meister, Resonance Link?
  • 23 - The Kishion With Green Soul - Mifune, and the Meisters, Engage?
  • 24 - Engage The Green-Souled Kishion! Part One: The Battle Continues?
  • 25 - Engage The Green-Souled Kishion! Part Two: Black*Star, Kid, Fusi, Kim, Ox, Kilik, Mifune, and Angela Unleash?
  • 26 - Maka And Soul Awake - Main Meister and Weapon's Friends Are With Mifune And Angela?
  • 27 - Mifune and Meisters vs. Asura - Asura Comes Back Alive?
  • 28 - Big Dash Worth - How Much Dash Could Mifune And The Meisters, With Their Weapons, Obtain?
  • 29 - Give Me That Weapon! Meisters Fight Over A Weapon?
  • 30 - Excalibur, The Substitute Teacher - The Legend Of The Holy Sword Substitutes For Stein?

More coming soon!

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