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  • Mkatkannon

    So who's active?

    July 15, 2014 by Mkatkannon

    I'm new on the wiki, and as there's no chat i'd like to meet all the active users. 

    So anyone who reads this, hi, my name is Mkatkannon, I am a large fan of soul eater and am developing characters and stories.

    We need promotion, which we can only apply for if we have 200 pages minimum. If we don't have an active wiki this is impossible. Therefore I believe it is essential that we on this wiki must make more pages to receive a spotlight, therefore promotion, therefore more members and more activity. 

    I come from Shipoffools wiki. A One Piece fanon, which is very active and has many members. In time this wiki could grow to such proportion in an amount of time. To have this happen we need more activity, so I request everyones help to achieve thi…

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  • Mkatkannon

    Hello everyone, i've added a template which may be helpful in the creation and organization of characters.

    It is called the parent tab template. 

    To use it, you do

    Two of { to start,


    |maxwidth = 20

    |bordercolor = gray

    |borderradius = 6

    |height = 2.2

    |backcolor = (Back Color for Selected Box)

    |textcolor = (Text Color for Selected Box)

    |tab1 = (What you want tab 1 to be)

    |altbackcolor = (Back Color for Non-Selected Boxes)

    |alttextcolor = (Text Color for Non-Selected Boxes)

    |tab2 = (What you want tab 2 to be)

    |tab3 = (What you want tab 3 to be)

    |tab4 = (What you want tab 4 to be)

    |tab5 = (What you want tab 5 to be)

    ( You can add more tabs by doing |tab(number you want) )

    Then add two of } to close it

    The tabs will open a new page, which you c…

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