Trevor Morrell
Trevor Morrell
Basic Information
Age 14
Blood Type AB
Species Demon Weapon (scythe)
Gender Male
Meister/Weapon Dion Campbell
Relationships Dion Campbell (Girlfriend and Meister)
Family None
Enemies Witches, Kishin, DWMA
Affiliations Himself, Dion Campbell
Physical Information
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Purple
Attacks and Enhancements
Attacks Ultimate attack- Witch Killer!, Ultimate Attack- Kishin Crusher, Soul Resonance- Epic Slash (Coined by Trevor)
Enhancements Soul Resonance, Black Blood

Trevor Morrell, known as Scythe Kid or Music Boy to all except his partner Dion, is the weapon and boyfriend of Dion Campbell




It is known that Trevor and his partner were previously DWMA students, why they left, and why they now fight the DWMA is unknown


Black BloodEdit

Trevor weapon form

Trevors Weapon Form