Tlaloc Romero



Tourararokku Romero


Demon Wand (魔杖 Matsue)


Human (Demon Weapon)


Male Male






164 lbs


January 7th

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Death Weapon Meister Academy


Death Scythe




Death Scythe

Base of Operations

DWMA South America Division

Personal Status


Weapon Form



Rolling Thunder

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Tlaloc Romero (トゥラロックロメロ Tourararokku Romero) is the Death Scythe in charge of South America. He is  the Demon Wand (魔杖 Matsue) and is partnered with his meisterRene.


Death Scythe Body

Tlaloc's full appearance.

Tlaloc is a tan skinned, heavily muscular giant of a man with a very well toned torso and arms. He possesses long, spiked, green hair which reaches down to his shoulder, his face is framed by two long spikes of hair and it is held in place by a plain black headband. He also has really small brown eyes. He possesses a long, slightly angular face with diagonal linear eyebrows which always seems as a grim look on his face. He wears large dark tattoos on his large biceps and shoulders, each of them bearing a mark reminiscent of slender wings and leaves. He has an unusual beard which takes shape as four vertical black stripes on his chin.

Most of Tlaloc's upper body is exposed with his typical attire consisting of a pair of light striped trousers, a large fur trimmed, tiger-print cloth secured around his waist by a liht band, dark armbands which are worn around his massive arms and they both bear two smll furry balls on their sides and dark shoes with light soles. He also wears three golden coils around his neck



Tlaloc's Soul.

Tlaloc is a rather passive towards his meister Rene's humurous nonsensical behaviour, although seems to simply roll his eyes and let him carry on with himself. He doesn't really communicate with many others other than Shinigami and Rene. He howeverhas demonstrated a noticeable avoidance of certain words, colours and sounds, he has a repetitive nature and seems to exhibit symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a trait that is to the annoyance of Rene.

His soul takes the appearance of a large, yellow sphere of his wavelength and it seems to have several bolts of lightning like beams jutting out of it.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Tlaloc in weapon form.

Demon Wand (魔杖 Matsue): Tlaloc's power as a Demon Weapon and a Death Scythe is his ability to transform into a small wand that has no physical combat abilities. It is a thin wand with green handle wrapping and a flat, circular shaped part above the handle with a red sphere in the middle of the hollow portion and a blue jewel above the circular portion. The remainder of the wand is long and thin. 

  • Rolling Thunder (ローリング·サンダー Rōringu Sandā): A move that has been shown use of outside of Tlaloc's weapon form where he charges lightning between his hands and releases a large, wide beam of black/yellow lightning from his hands which proved powerful enough to devastate the surrounding landscape.
  • Shine (輝く Kagayaku): By creating very weak electiccurrents whilein weapon form andbouncing them off of surrounding obstacles, surrounding the target in a large blinding light, forming a sphere which captivates them. When the barrier is touched it gives off a large electric shock.
  • Raisō (雷槍 Thunder Spear): Tlaloc is pointed at the sky and the clouds begin to darken and it sends several large bolts of lightning at the target.

Tlaloc generating electricity.

Lightning Generation and Manipulation: Due to his weapon form having absolutely no offensive capabilities physically, his power is stemmed from his ability to generate and manipulate yellow/black lightning. When not in his weapon form he generates lightning through his hands and when in weapon state it is generally produced from the tip of the wand.


  • Tlaloc was the Aztec God of rain, fertility and water and could also create lightning.
  • Tlaloc's OCD and repetitive nature is ironic due to the fact that his ability revolves around lightning, which is said not to strike more than once.
  • Tlaloc avoids colours such as olive green and cyan for unknown reasons.

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