Vital statistics
Title Witch of The Basilisk
Gender Female
Race Witch
Faction Witch Clan
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Active, Alive
Location Undetermined, Greece

Stheno (lit, latin for Forceful) is a Witch using the moniker of the Basilisk. She has commited many a dark act to further her own power and for the downfall of the world's sanity. She was blinded through a dark ritual at the cost of many innocent lives.


Childhood - Born in Rain and Wild

Born in the year 1501; in the wilderness of South America to a lone mother, Stheno was descended from an italian family, and it is presumed her mother was a native of the country. Being raised near the shores of the Brazil, Stheno learned in youth that her mother was a witch, and she would be raised as such. Being taught and tutored in the arts of witchcraft... her soul was from then on set unto a path that would craft guile and form contempt and insanity for years to come.

Teenager - Raised By The Sea

By the time Stheno had become a teenager, she had already became a full fledged witch. Strong in spiritual power, and driven in the arcane arts. Stheno had been declared by the witches; The Witch of the Basilisk. Training herself constantly, and with strong desire to see the world and increase her knowledge, Stheno decided by the year 1518, that she would sail the seas in search of a series of isles she could call her home and haven.

In these years; Stheno dabbled in piracy and many other malicious arts that came with it. Murder, and assault. She was rumored to have been the Red Lady in pirate history. Her islands were never found... but many sea legends have rose of Series of connected floating islands, upheld by the witch's magic.

Young Adult - Forced into Seclusion

By this time... the activity of the DMWA had rose, and Stheno was forced to keep her haven on the move, and out of sight. Using her spells; she kept her soul's identity hidden and out of sight from the likes of the Shinigami and his Meisters. Using her extent of will and influence... Stheno decided to focus her studies on honing her spells and a way to undermine the world's natural balance of sanity.

In a forbidden ritual; Stheno was the result of hundreds of souls to be devoured in an attempt to gain foresight into the future. But at a cost... she lost her physical vision and took the following years to gain vision through her soul.

Full Adult - Fear the Shinigami

By the year of 1873, Stheno had used her innate abilities to create many a monster that would lead to the humans rumors of human mythology; one of the primary being the culturally accepted 'zombie' myth. But her activities had not gone unnoticed, and her ventures had soon produced a cycle of events. The events that would lead to her inevitable finding.

Shinigami had at last found the witch's floating haven, sending a pair of Death Scythes to find and exterminate the Basilisk witch. With utmost haste, Stheno knew the class A meisters would find and destroy her lifes work. And as a last precaution to save her island, she cast a spell; a spell that would sink her island were it ever found.

To draw the Death Scythes away, Stheno lead them off to the island of Cyprus near Italy and the west Asia. There.. the battle between insanity and the justicars of balance did unleash their full power to destroy one another. Stheno used all her tricks to destroy the pair; summoning basilisks, sending wave after wave of manipulated blood, corrupted air, and toxic acids. All her powers were albeit... not enough to take both of them down. But with the death of one of the death scythes and her meister... Stheno had her rightful claim to victory, and escaped with her life... and back to the clan of Witches. Where her life would begin yet again to find her island... and to destroy the humanity by using it against itself.

Her goal... to turn the populace against the DMWA. To have the rulers of peace... to force the Shinigami and his forces to destroy those they were destined to protect.



Stheno has the appearance of a young olive skinned female, with light blonde hair trekking down her neck and to the middle of her back. Lips a glossy black; lip balm. Eyes hidden under a hood, long since their color has been unknown to any and all; even her sistren. Tattoos and burn makes etching her right arm forever. Ruffled raven feathers adorn her shoulders and behind her neck, a dusky mane. The details on the hood make out the feint appearance of a closed eyed skull. Wearing a leather corset with straps going over her shoulders, a dark black with a web design near the right of her hip. A belt going across her waist, minature shrunken skulls, with a large leather belt underlapping it. Most of her pants are concealed by large thigh-high skull emboldened boots, appearing like a rib cage all the way up, military soles.


Stheno is known for her maliciousness, guile, trickery, ambition, and cleverness. As a witch, Stheno realizes she must not be afraid to be cruel or aggresive in her ways, and this has lead to many a twisted experiment and gnarled smirk from her. Deceitful in most of her actions, Stheno seeks only to further herself, and her Clan; to an extent. Her belief in the survival of the fittest is based purely on power and intelligence; if one is at the pinnacle of both, they may live. But the weak must die... this attributes to her hatred of the humans, as the majority of them lack the potential.



Chaos Art: Acid Shower


Stheno has the innate ability to manipulate, control, and change the aspects of the human body, (i.e: Blood, bones, flesh, etc).

Madness Release: (発狂, Hakkyou) is a technique characterized by the selective integration and application of a finite and limited quantity of the dangerous condition of Madness into a person's respective soul, altering the quality of their Soul Wavelengths ordinarily emitted to contain instead the intended and permitted amount of insanity in addition. Undertaking this perilous process allows the user to manipulate the advantageous power-inducing attribute displayed by madness itself, granting them access to superhuman levels of physical prowess and their typical abilities. The madness in them is strong enough to even change their appearance. Each user of Madness Release has a unique variant of madness inside them, and although they utilize this madness and become, in a sense, 'insane,' they do not completely lose their sanity as they have a firm conviction that prevents them from doing so.

However, this technique does not come without risk, as the capability poses the significant potential of resulting in the individual becoming consumed by the very emotion they desire to exploit, losing themselves in the depths of madness and committing atrocities they would never normally consider. Certain steps can be undertaken to reduce or even negate this threat, such as the prior exposure and subsequent conquering of madness on a prior occasion or, through a Chain Resonance with an Individual who demonstrates an great level of courage and an Anti-Demon Wavelength.

Soul Protect: As the witches' soul wavelength can be easily distinguished by trained meisters they developed an incantation named "soul protect" which conceals their presence, but renders them unable to use their powers unless the incantation is lifted.

Spiritual Flexibility: There have been instances in which witches have a high understanding of soul wavelengths -- enough so that they can break their soul into small fragments and reform in due time, as emulated by both Medusa and Arachne.

Longevity: Witches, at least the powerful ones, appear to have incredibly long life spans. Medusa is known to have been alive 800 years before the start of the series. Even after eight centuries, Medusa still has the appearance of a young woman. Both Risa and Arisa confirmed that witches have a longer lifespan and so have more youth.



Lord Death




  • Stheno is my first Soul Eater Fanon character.
  • Stheno was designed to have powers of ravens, but I couldn't see them as sinister as the other witch animals.
  • Stheno was supposed to be focused on summons, this however changed.