Sonora Elite



Sonorashū Erīto


Elite Heir

Bazooka Meister




Female Female




November 13

Hair Color

Chocolate Brown

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status



Meister; Academy Student


Emiellia Louise


Two Star

Personal Status



Elite Clan

Fighting Style

Elite Clan fighting style


Soul Perception

Soul Menace


Visual Linking

Microscopic Vision

Night Vision

Sonora Elite is the heir of a legendary clan of meisters. She is the granddaughter of the eldest Elite and is destined to take over her grandfather. She is a GunMeister and her demon weapon partner is Emiellia Louise.

Background Edit

Sonora came from a legendary clan of meisters with extremely powerful souls, the Elite Clan, and is the next heir to the throne. Her grandfather is the eldest of the seven siblings and, because of this, she has been treated like royalty in the clan. Despite having a luxurious life, Sonora always felt the pressure of her birthright and is too uncertain of herself being worthy of the position. When she first came to Shibusen, she had trouble finding a suitable partner since her soul wavelength is too strong. Even though she had no partner for a period of time, she is still able to defeat enemies with just her fighting abilities and Soul Menace.

Personality Edit

As the granddaughter of the current leader of the Elite Clan, Sonora had felt the pressure of her birthright and never had a normal childhood. She is doubtful of her abilities but is very kind and optimistic towards others who feel the same way. Personality-wise, she is eccentric, a bit of an airhead, and tends to go with the flow of things. She does not like to question the existence of anything or anyone and just accepts it as it is, saying that doing so is less confusing and is better than wasting time trying to figure it out.

She is an indoor type of person since she was raised by overprotective relatives and is particularly sluggish. Sonora is participant and very active in hunting down Kishin eggs, the only time that she isn't lazy and slow, but can get easily distracted when something else attracts her attention.

Appearance Edit

She is fairly petite, with the exception of her bust, and has light skin tone due to being always indoors. Her hair is long that it reaches down her lower back and she ties them into twintails. Having Elite blood in her veins, she possesses "Elite eyes" which are present in every Elite member. These eyes have a galaxy-like appearance to them and gives the person visual-linking, microscopic, and night vision.

Her standard attire is mixed with Japanese and Chinese clothing. It consists of a short, sleeveless, black cheongsam with red trimming, red sash around her waist, a matching pair of arm & leg warmers, and black shoes.

Soul Edit

Sonora's soul is orange with a pair of twin tails. It shows a worried face, mimicking her irresolute personality.

Trivia Edit

  • When Sonora first met Emiellia, she and her were both unaware of their power. When they teamed up, they were known as the "Destructive Duo"
  • Despite her unsure character, she is always ready to go when there are Kishin egg hunting activity. This implies that Sonora forgets her worries when she is on the job.
  • She is one of the few people who know that Emiellia is the daughter of a witch.