Shoukai Slinger

Shoukai in her human form

Shoukai is Sadow's weapon in the DWMA.

Personality Edit

She is very timid, shy, and practically afraid of everything, whether it be out of fear of harm or fear of upsetting someone. She usually clutches her sides as a reflex when near someone due to being struck so much by Seiritsu. She is also very shy around others as she is often verbally abused by Sadow. Both Sadow and Seiritsu do not see the harm caused by their actions to her. Despite this constant abuse, she stays loyal to both of them and sees Seiritsu as a brother and has a secret crush on Sadow (even to the point of blushing deeply when they come in physical contact.)

Appearance Edit

She has short dark blue hair and dark blue eyes. She is often seen wearing a Kimono-like outfit. She also wears sandals and paints her toe-nails dark blue to match her hair and eyes. Apart from that, she wears pearl-like earrings that are hidden by her hair.

Abilities Edit

Weapon Form: She can transform into a pistol that can be wielded by Sadow due to their similar spiritual wavelengths.

Healing Gaze: When she stares into someone's eyes and her hands are on them to allow some of her spiritual energy on them, she can regenerate slight injuries. However, this is limited to physical and internal damage, not illusions or black blood.

Relationships Edit

Sadow Despite her constant verbal abuse from him, she works well with him and is loyal due to a secret crush held ever since they met. She has shown numerous times to be caring about him and often talks with him about his feelings when no one is around. When she tries to bring those times back up, however, he denies these events ever occurring.

Seiritsu She sees him as an older brother. Seeing her as a younger sister in turn, he will often punch her arm or bully her in other physical manners, similarly to how Ragnarok treated Crona. When around him she will flinch and try to protect herself from beradement.

Synopsis Edit

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Trivia Edit

Artist of this pic is also Minks. Congrats, pal, another well-drawn character!

Her theme chosen by the author is "Shintou Shite" by Suilen.