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Sanetoshi Watase
Basic Information
Age Unknown
Blood Type AB
Race Human
Gender Male
Weapon Shirase & Souya
  • Shirase & Souya (Weapons)
  • Unknown
  • Witch(s)
Affiliations Shibusen
Physical Information
Hair Color White/Pink
Eye Color Scarlet
Special Attributes Doctor Outfit
Attacks and Enhancements

Personality Edit

Little is known about Sanetoshi. He looks like a rather secretive and alluring man. He's matter of fact and has no qualms with bringing up painful topics of conversation.

Apart from that, Sanetoshi is a kind person. He is very concerned about their weapons, protecting them with his life.

Appearance Edit

Sanetoshi is a good-looking man and seductive. He has pink haired and scarlet eyes. His smile is mysterious.

He wears a black shirt with a long white robe with chest buttons and buckles on the wrists. In the hands, wears a pair of white gloves. The pants are white leather. He also wears white boots with a detail in "X" at the top and stripes on the ends.

History Edit

Power & Abilities Edit

Natural AbilitiesEdit



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