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These rules will be enforced upon the Roleplaying community of Soul Eater Fanon. Failure to respect these rules will result in being submitted for Deletion or Godmodding.


Rule 1
  • Make your character plauseable within the physical realm, meaning, allow your character to have some weaknesses against foes.
  • Characters cannot be hybrids like a Kishin and a Death Scythe, a Kishin and a Witch, A Death Scythe and a Witch, or all three combined.
  • Only Meisters/Weapons (including Death Scythes) can have Clairvoyance to avoid Godmodding.
  • Only Meisters/Weapons and Kishin can have Black Blood to avoid Godmodding.
    • Only those who have at least one Witch can have one of these Clowns; either one Black Clown or one Purple-Dyed Clown. These clowns are not for each Witch though, only one altogether, and they cannot be switched out for each other.
  • Although Meisters/Weapons are allowed these options, they cannot both Clairvoyance and Black Blood; they are only allowed one of them.

Rule 2
No more than two Kishin and three Death Scythes are allowed, although the number of Witches and Meister/Weapons is

Rule 3
A Meister cannot have more than two weapons. Unless a sensible reason is given on the Talk Page on why you should have more than two, that is the limit.

Rule 4
If a group is being formed, remember: a group can only have up to six members, three Meisters and three Weapons. Any more is restricted. If a Meister has two weapons, it counts, so a Self-Using Weapon must be added to said group to sustain a limited number of members.

Rule 5
No profanity is allowed on any article, except for cursing. Cursing is allowed. Because we like saying shitfuck. A lot.**

Rule 6
Be creative and have a great time!

*This does not mean you can go all crazy and have a billion articles with no information.

**This does include nudity, drugs, and vandalism.

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