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Yumehara Nozomi
Ravenna Mariposa

ラヴェンナ マリポサ


Ravu~en'na Mariposa




Female Female






100 lbs.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Mariposa Rose Garden







Base of Operations


Personal Status



Scarlett Mariposa (Sister) Lumina Mariposa (Sister) Flora Mariposa (Sister)
Azure Mariposa (Sister)
Roselia Mariposa (Mother) (Deceased)

Ravenna Mariposa is a witch who currently attends the DWMA with her sisters. Where they are currently known as the 5 Lights. Ravenna and her sisters want use their magic for good unlike their fellow witches.


Ravenna has shoulder length magenta hair which is often kept in two small twin tails. She also has purple eyes. Her choice of clothing is a pink blouse with a butterfly printed on the bottom with a blue skirt. Ravenna also wears knee-length socks and black flats.


Ravenna is a rather cheerful for a witch. She has her own sense of justice and is, through all of her annoyances, a great friend. Ravenna uses her cheerfulness and sympathy for others to become their friend despite the fact most people think she is evil just because she is witch.

History Edit

Ravenna and her sisters lost their mother Roselia when they were very young to a weapon and meister team despite the fact she did nothing wrong. Left to wander around they were eventually found by Kami Albarn who took them to Lord Death to see what to do with them.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ravenna and her sisters are different from most witches because they do not have an animal for their themes but their themes revolve around elements.


Ravenna's magic seems to revolves around crystals. The crystals she makes are nearly impossible to break. Only certain sound pitches can break them.


Crystal Shoot: is an attack that Ravenna fires from her hands and shards of crystals fire at her opponents. It is one of her most commonly used attacks.

Crystal Shield: is a defensive move where Ravenna surrounds parts or all her body in her crystals. This however makes her lose her speed and agility as she is weigh downed.

Crystal Frenzy: Ravenna summon hundreds of giant crystals straight from the ground to attack her opponents.

Crystal Mirror: Ravenna makes multiple copies of herself made of crystals and uses them to attack.

Crystal Prison: is where Ravenna freezes her opponents in a giant crystal. Only Ravenna can unfreeze the opponent trapped in there.

Fighting StyleEdit

Ravenna along with knowing magic is proficient in martial arts.

Hougetsu Jigen-Tou: It is a dimensional blade technique it can't be blocked unless the dimension it is going through is blocked. Jigen-Tou can break through barriers because of this property it has to slice through anything.


Scarlett Mariposa, Lumina Mariposa, Flora Mariposa, Azure Mariposa- Ravenna's sisters who she cares a lot for. She loves them a lot.

Roselia Mariposa- Ravenna's deceased mother, she was kind and caring toward her daughters. She was a high ranking witch and like her daughters doesn't want to harm people. She used to live in a different world she made known as the Mariposa Rose Garden.

Kami Albarn - The person who found Ravenna and her sisters. They see her as a foster mother. They often call her Aunt Kami.

Maka Albarn - They have known Maka since childhood. They see her as a sixth sister.

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