Phorcys GorgonEdit

Phorcys Gorgon is the father of Medusa Gorgon, Shaula Gorgon, step-father of Arachne, and the maternal grandfather of Crona.


Phorcys is the son of Pontus and Gaia. He was born in Greece in 1425 A.D., and learned magic in Athens. 

At some unknown time period, Phorcys and his sister journeyed to America.

In 1541, he married his older sister Ceto, and begot the Gorgon Sisters.

By 1781, Phorcys had gained his full power in sorcery. 

After the Kishin was imprisoned, and with the "death" of Arachne, Phorcys was driven into madness and proceeded to kill many meisters and weapons, devouring their souls.

Dies in 2013, from old age.


  • Unlike Medusa, Phorcys loved his grandson Crona.
  • In Greek Mythology, Phorcys was the god of the deep ocean dangers, and the father of Medusa.