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A little exposure to the darkness and light aura of The Spirit Gods, Atem and Yugi

Episode 6 - Death&#039;s soul (1)

Death's Soul. Yugi's soul,Yami's Soul, and Atem's Soul ( all different, but similar sizes ) is millions times bigger than if Death and Asura's Souls combined . Though it is condenced to a small size as to not intimidate others.

As Yugi is connected directly to Pharoah Atem, a Great Old One and True God of Death, As well as Yami, a Kishin and the Defeator of the Creator of Witches , Yugi has access to a whole lot of potential amount of powers. As told by Eibon in his past, Yugi/Atem is known as the most powerful Meister in the world, even Death himself a comparision between himself and him " As a comparision between a Omnipotent and an Ant " .

Powers and Abilities Edit

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The Most Powerful item in the Universe, God Puzzle

God Puzzle Edit

Divine/Demon Wavelength

Divine / Demon Weapon Generation

Unlimited Power / Wavelength

Unlimited Speed

Unlimited Durability

Shinnigami Powers Edit

Lines of Sanzu: Being a God of Death, Yugi/Atem can activate the legendary Lines and Sanzu.

Shinnigami Powers : Due to being a True God of Death, he has access to a divine powers that make him far more powerful than virtually any other being in his world.

Meister Based Edit

Ultimate Meister: Being known as the God of Spirits, Atem mastered virtually all known types of meister-based things..

Utility Meister

Scythe Meister

Gun Type Meister

Cannon Meister

Lamp Meister

Hammer Meister

Mirror Meister

GX ST Yu-Gi-Oh 10th Anniversary Movie - Super Fusion Bonds Beyond Time BD 720pH264 AAC9BB10B1C

A new form of Soul Resonance : Perfect Synchronization

Wavelength and Soul Perception Edit

Soul Perception

Soul Wavelength ( All known types )

Magic Edit

Divine / Demonic Magic

God Magic

Ultimate Magic

Yugi's Soul Edit


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