Mutou Yugi
Oie ZhNMtCeK6eia " The Heart , Soul , and Spirit are very powerful things. Both are connected to your very being, the will to survive, and enjoy the life you have been given. You would be surprised what the power within one-self has taught me, and showed me , Shinigami... " ( Yugi, talking to Death, Headmaster of Shibusen, in his Debut. )
Name Yugi Mutou
Alias(es) King of Spirits
Strongest Meister
Atem's Reincarnation
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - MaleMale
Age 18
Race/Species Human Soul Human
Type of Soul
Classification Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Meister2 Meister
Status God
Professional Data
Occupation(s) Spirit World
Nationality Unknown
Ethnicity Unknown
Place of Origin Death City
Residence Shibusen
Weapon Partner(s) Atem
Meister Partner(s)
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu
Manga Debut(s) Episode 6
Anime Debut(s)
Game Debut(s)


Yugi is exceptionally one of the most powerful individuals ( if not THE most powerful )  Shibusen has to offer. He is the reincarnation of the Pharoah Atem, who is within his Millennium Puzzle/God Puzzle. He is a 6-Star meister ( Meisters like Asura are 5-Star, 4-Star is Death , 3-Star and below follow canon logic ) , along with his partner Pharoah Atem, who both together and apart, have the most powerful Soul Wavelength in the entirety of the Alternate Storyline of Soul Eater , " Connected by Bonds and Souls " . 


When the boy was younger, he was always picked on due to being timid and shy, a trait still within him, just not as bad as it originally was. As a result of constant abuse, he prefers to play games with himself, rather than socialize. One day, his father gave him the legendary Millennium Puzzle, as a way to keep him occupied. Yugi thanked his father, and went upstairs to try to complete it. Legend had it, that if the Millennium Puzzle were to be completed, dark powers and knowledge would be given, as well as a wish. Yugi tried his best to complete it for over 10 years, still in the middle of the higher grades in Shibusen. Even though he was widely considered he's tied as the smartest in class ( next to Maka Albern )  ,

Personality Edit

Yugi's personality Edit

Yugi is described as a gentle, but mostly silent child, and doesn't talk unless asked. He is kind and sweet to everyone, but tries to remain respectful, even when not shown respect. This is shown when he was accused 3 times of being something he wasn't, but politely explained he wasn't one of Arakune's puppets and or tools. He is completely honest, though a times this can be more of a fault than a help, but doesn't say anything truthful if it will hurt someone.

Yugi is a bookworm, and analyzes a lot of things to a supernatural extent. This is shown as he loves to read, as reading is the gateway to all knowledge. He is very docile and submissive, shown to comply when Black Star forced him to do something he obviously didn't want to do. However, his resolve, when shown, is one of the most powerful in Shibusen, and is more than willing to fight if neccessary.

Dark Yugi's / Atem personality Edit

Dark Yugi is perhaps very similar , but not quite. He is not as submissive, and showed willingness to even kill a couple of times to prove his point. This is shown when he beat Al Capone to a pulp, without batting a eye. He is very arrogant, cocky, but kind and subservient. Most of the time, he speaks in a wise manner, but sometimes is very confident in his power, which some calls a fault.

Atem is considered very wise and calculating individual, but he isn't malicious. He is a calm , humble man, but he can be very persistent and commanding due to him being a king once before. He cares for most people