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Loox (not to be confused or meaning looks), appears to be wearing an english styled black coat with teeth like buttons, except they are replaced with Death (god)'s head. He has orange eyes, Purple spiky hear gowing backwards, and wheres tennis shoes, also with deaths head as buttons. When he realeces a blade out of his body, a big green tail-like blade comes out, with blades coming out of hist head looking like cat ears (he said those are just for looks). As a cat, he is green with blue stripes. As a scythe, he looks just like Soul, except the red replaced with green and the eyes replaced with orange.


Loox (as stated by Franken stein) saids that he is the sociably confused type, despriatly in need for someone to think of him as a true freind. He can be annoying at times, mainly with jokes. He does not care about others insulting him unless if it is for a joke or if he just doesnt feel like it is a joke. Sometimes if you keep on bugging or (nagging as he says it), he wiil try to make it sound like he is taking it seriously (a.k.a, trolling).

Abilites/ meister:Edit

Loox's meister is Blair, as he lives in her house but mainly spends his time in the living room (scince he saids he does not want to act like a perv, which makes Blair angry).

  • Sonic scream
  • Cat-like agilty
  • Cat transformation
  • Scyhte transformation
  • Bell smash
  • Physical fitnes
  • Anti-demon wavelenght and soul perception achtived through soul resonance
  • Sharper scythe
  • Soul hack 


Loox was born into the death family, abandoned as a baby by an unkown mother, he has met Blair, as a cat. He follwed her to the house and amediantly showed herself as a human. Loox then joined the DWMA, with Blair (and she said shen coule show him a few magic tricks like levitation of objects and cat transofrmation).


  • Loox has a huge number of jealous poeple trailing on him, mostly because his partner and meister is Blair, plus they are roomates.
  • It is comfermed that Loox does not have a crush on Blair, but they obviusly have a close relationship.
  • Loox is the main target of the moon, as seen in one of the episodes, Loox cussed at the moon for its creepy laugh and drooling blood, and now whenever Loox comes out at nights, it is drooling blood with the protection of Blair.
  • Loox is best freinds with Death the kid.
  • Looxs says, "The ears and tail are just there to look nice, as a referance to Blair.