Logan Lokwell



Blood Type:



Weapon (Sword)




Nigel Lokwell


Nigel Lokwell (Meister/brother)


Unknown Father

Nigel Lokwell


Witches (former), Kishin (former), DWMA.


DWMA (former), Witch Scarlett



Logan is a teenager with slicked back black hair, white skin and green eyes. He is revealed to be quite popular with the female students at the DWMA. In his initial appearance, Logan wore expensive clothing, such as a navy blue blazer with a black undershirt and white tie, as well as navy blue dress slacks, with three black horizontal stripes on the left leg, and blue shoes.


Being one of the top students at the DWMA, Logan is confident in his powers and always retains his cool composure. He is level headed, quick witted, and a truely gifted weapon. However, towards his Meister and younger brother Nigel, Logan is rather abusive, calling him stupid, worthless and "an embarrassment to father". Later in the series, Logan becomes obsessed with attaining more power and becoming a Kishin which causes him to join forces with the Witch Scarlett. After his defection, he becomes consumed with his own personal gain and thinks nothing of his old ties with the DWMA.


Nigel: Logan is especially hateful to his younger brother, often calling him stupid and worthless. However, Nigel truely loves his brother and wants him to be proud of him.

Robin Welltin: At the beginning of the series, Robin has a considerable crush on Logan, while he hardly notices her. However, over the course of the series, Logan gains a bit of respect for her, but when he defects from the DWMA, he sees her only as another obstacle.

Aaron Wade: Upon their initial meeting, the two parties automatically dislike one another. However, as the series progressess, they grow to have a somewhat friendly rivalry. But Logan betrays the DWMA, their relationship chaged to one of hatred.

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