Kishin Hunter Chronicles Cover Art I

The cover art for Kishin Hunter Chronicles



Kishin Hunter Chronicles is an in-progress fan fiction, written by FF.Net author Sda209. The fan fiction is based on a Soul Eater RP, and it takes place two years after the anime ending.

It is planned to have a three-part prologue, four parts - each thirty-nine chapters long, and a three-part epilogue, which it is as follows:

Prologue: I of III

Prologue: II of III

Prologue: III of III

Part I: The Seven Great Weapons

Part II: The Manakete-Luakese War

Part III: Those Who Cannot Dream

Part IV: Harbingers of TIme

Epilogue: I of III

Epilogue: II of III

Epilogue: III of III

Currently, Prologue: III of III is still in the writing phase.


-Part I: The Seven Great Weapons

Description (from the Interlude):

A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body

-Maka Albarn, Two-Star Meister and scythe technician


Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy, also known as DWMA. It stands as a defense against the forces of evil, which would plunge the world into the very depths of fear and madness - the demons known as "Kishin", and their insatiable hunger for destruction. To ensure the Kishin never regain their hold on this world, this academy was founded by the Grim Reaper, Death himself.

Two years has passed since the defeat of the first Kishin, Asura, felled by the scythe technician and Two-Star Meister Maka Albarn, who had slain him with a simple punch of bravery to the face. After his second death, the world began the process of rebuilding from the war between DWMA and the covert organization, Arachnophobia, headed by the spider witch, Arachne Gorgon.

As a result of the victory, Lord Death, after some careful thinking, has arrived with the conclusion that if a threat with the magnitude of a Kishin being born happens, and DWMA isn't even designed to deal with such a threat, DWMA will be hopeless to stop it. So, he decided to call for a World Council meeting, in the heart of Death City itself, to discuss the proposal of the possible inception of a global network, one that all nations and organizations could join and work together as one for the greater good of the world. The world leaders approved the proposal, and so the worldwide network organization, the "Shibusen Network" -- more commonly known as "Shibusen" -- was born to deal with all threats, be it of a human cause, a natural disturbance, supernatural happenings, or from beyond the stars.

Centuries ago, a great war between demons and humans ravaged throughout the mortal world. A wizard, believing that all hope for the survival of Humanity was lost, summoned seven spirits of people, from the golden times of the ancients to the dark ages of the medieval era, and fused them with seven witch souls and seven weapons to create the legendary "Seven Great Weapons", the first true Weapons of the world. The wizard sought to hide these Weapons throughout secret vaults throughout the world, in hopes of that one day, someone will retrieve all of the Weapons and use them to defeat the demons, and their all-mighty Demon Lord Fodeth. However, the spider Arachne, a former servant of Demon Lord Fodeth, stole the wizard's plans soon after the creation of these Weapons and hoped to use the wizard's plan to create an army of Weapons to level the playing field in the Demon Lord's favor in the great war. Fortunately, Lord Death and his Eight Powerful Warriors were after Arachne at the time, forcing her to retreat into hiding.

Before DWMA's founding, and during the war, Lord Death lead his personal guard, the well-known "Eight Powerful Warriors" -- now known as the "Great Old Ones" -- to combat Evil Humans and witches and to prevent the birth of the Kishin. They stayed out of the war and rather focused on keeping world safe from other threats. Fodeth, however, planned to manipulate Asura, the first son of Death, to create the world's first Kishin in hopes of turning the tide of the war in his favor. He did this by striking fear into him, and over time, the Demon King became successful, and so the first Kishin was born.

This forced the "Eight Powerful Warriors" to fight against Fodeth's army and Kishin Asura. Death attempted to find a means to destroy Fodeth's great army of demons and beasts when the schematics for magic "Weapons" that were stolen by the witch Arachne were discovered. These Weapons allowed those with compatible Meister souls to effectively fight the monsters. This revolutionary breakthrough allowed the human forces to effectively combat the beasts, and eventually the defeat of King Fodeth and Kishin Asura.

At the end of the war, Fodeth's forces were destroyed through the final decisive struggle at an isolated floating island, Nosferatu Plateau. The island was inhabited by the "Manakete"; a peaceful and isolated race of humans with dragon-like powers. It was when that during the battle that four out of the seven deadly sins – "Wrath", "Pride", "Greed", and "Envy" – arose mysteriously in the Weapons' hearts and came out of them in a physical manifestation, each representing closely to the sin they are.

They were beaten in spite of great shock amongst the opposing armies, but the sin "Wrath" managed to seemingly wipe out all of the Manakete before his supposed downfall. Meanwhile, at the desert of Nevada, Death personally fought Asura and defeated him, sealing him away into the Sealed Shrine, where Death rooted his soul into and founded Death City, and eventually DWMA.

Eight-hundred years after the hidden great war, and after two years the ordeal of Kishin Asura, new students have been registering for DWMA, ever since. A particular group of them, however, with pasts of tragedy and\/or happiness, will play a key role in the events that would follow. Several normal humans and their friends/allies, recovering from their recent ordeals, will too be joining the aforementioned events.

Their efforts will affect the fate of everything, even time, itself.

-Part II: The Manakete-Luakese War:

Description: Coming soon...

-Part III: Those Who Cannot Dream:

Description: Coming soon...

-Part IV: Harbingers of Time:

Description: Coming soon...


Here is a list of the canon characters who will be reprising in Kishin Hunter Chronicles:


1. Maka Albarn

2. Soul "Eater' Evans

3. Black Star

4. Nakatsukasa Tsubaki

5. Death the Kid

6. Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson

7. Patricia "Patty" Thompson

8. Crona Gorgon

9. Ragnarok

10. Ox Ford

11. Harver D. Eclair

12. Kim Diehl

13. Jacqueline "Jackie" O'Lantern Dupre

14. Kilik Rung

15. Pot of Thunder

16. Pot of Fire

-DWMA Death Scythes and Staff Members:

17. Spirit "Deathscythe" Albarn

18. Yumi Azusa

19. Justin Law

20. Marie Mjolnir

21. Lord Death/Shinigami-sama

22. Dr. Franken Stein

23. Sid Barret

24. Nygus

25. Mifune

26. Joe "J.B." Buttataki


27. Medusa Gorgon

28. The Mizune Sisters

29. Eruka Frog

30. The Man With The Magic Eye "Free"

31. Mabaa "The Grandwitch"


32. The Holy Sword Excalibur -

33. Blair the Cat/Witch -

Here is the list of original characters who will be making an appearance in Kishin Hunter Chronicles:

-EAT One-Star Meisters and Demon Weapons:

1. Xavier Noyu

2. Ayaka Law

3. Tamaki Bailey

4. Tamaki Logan

5. Fujiya Danzou "Danny"

6. Catherine "Anya" Jackson