Kiriko Kazuōku



Kazuōku Kiriko



The Kusanagi Meister




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6'1 1/2"




October 24th

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Academy Attendant


Mizore Hakusetsu

Hagane Zouwai

Lucye Kakushin



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Alive, Active


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Father (Deceased)

Unknown Distant Sister



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Kakushin, Shirasaya, Ninja Blade

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Taijutsu, Iaijutsu, Kendou, Jiu-Jitsu

Kiriko Kazuōku (切りかずおおく, literal translation: to slay in great numbers) is a Rogue Meister with a renouned reputation for slaughtering large groups of evil souls with ease, as well as wielding two Death Scythes with nearly unmatched skill, alongside a legendary sword known as Kakushin, in an embodied reincarnation named Lucye. He is roaming the world killing off evil-doers that have been wreaking havoc and tries to help out those in need when he is around. He does not like to affiliate with the DWMA or Death City anymore, for after an incident that was to exile him from the city entirely would keep him away forever, or at least until something happens that would allow him to return.


Kiriko wears a black long-sleeved shirt with a V-shaped opening on the chest, showing his white undershirt. Generally he wears a white scarf around his neck, a memento from his mother that he cherishes deeply. He has very long, well-kept black hair that reaches to the middle of his back, however his frontal hair, kept in two long pony-tails, only reaches down to the top portion of his chest. He also has a scar over his nose from a childhood incident. He wears black, tight pants that are complimented with a white line on the outside of both pantlegs. His shoes are black slip-ons with a light grey sole.


Kiriko is a gentle person at heart. He loves to help people, despite how withdrawn from the idea he may look. He is not adverse to assisting even a prior enemy depending on the circumstances. He had once gone to great lengths to save a man he was just recently locked in a death-match with, who later returned the favor. His gentle-nature and kindness is also one of his flaws; He tends to care too much and it can distract him, make him act irrationally (especially if it invloves any of his Weapon Partners, whom he cares for deeply), and has even forced him into panic and disbelief. When he witnessed the death of his mother he was unable to process the events he had just witness and was almost killed. Thankfully one of the three weapons he wields happened across him when this had occured and she saved him.

He is temperamental as well. He has trouble controlling his anger in situations where he is hounded or being followed persistently. He has also shown a lack of patience when it comes to finishing a job alongside someone. This lack of patience has caused him to make irrational decisions, though he can and has always fixed himself before screwing anything up. Hagane (His Ninja Sword Partner) usually has to keep him in check with harsh words and threats, though they both know neither of them could ever harm one another.

His kind and gentle nature is opposed by his rather aggressive and, not far from inhuman personality shadow. He has shown the ability to kill with no emotion, and has even been able to kill defenseless enemies without even a thought, though these enemies had caused significant reasons for their deaths. Komiji (His Shirasaya Partner) has noted that he kills without emotion sometimes because, some people are not even worth giving a thought towards, in the last moments of their deaths. His sometimes borderline emotionless personality shadow is the reason he was exiled, the academy deemed him unfit for presence within the city and took measures against him. Kiriko accepted his exilement, with no resistance, understanding himself their reasoning. They were doing what they thought was best; And besides, this would be a chance for Kiriko to find somewhere new to explore to the fullest extent.

He is a leader. He leads with strength and commands those who would want to help others. He asks only that those he finds worthy are fighting to their utmost ability and that they do what they must to preserve the lives of their comrades, and the people they are protecting. Kiriko has been nearly killed once or twice, saving people alone, despite odds even he and his weapons could not face.

He has been noted to love spicy food, also hating pretty much every type of Bell Pepper and most forms of Eggs excluding Scrambled Eggs.


Kiriko lived as a rather well brought up child, though not thinking much of it, other kids tended to dislike him, assuming that because his parents made good money, that he was spoiled and ungrateful or that he liked to show off what he had to kids who weren't as lucky as he was. This just wasn't the case, Kiriko in fact disliked that his parents made so much money, because it means that people will typically assume silly things. He learned about meisters from his father, whom was a meister himself, this being one of the few things that consumed Kiriko's mind and made him want to work hard to become one himself. After his father's death, his mother encouraged Kiriko not to pursue his idea of becoming a Meister as she did not want him to get hurt, and wanted him to pursue something less dangerous. Of course Kiriko being who he is, he did not listen. This lead to his mother's death, defending him in a moment of desperation.

Kiriko's mother perished before his eyes and he could not move, this event obscuring his mental stability and focus, he passed out. The weapon known as Hagane Zouwai, who alone was able to save Kiriko from the people that attacked him and his mother, stayed with him to keep him safe. Raising him as if she was his mother, although being only a year older than he (Him being 12 at this time and her being 13). Eventually he became a meister himself; Hagane being his first and one of his strongest weapon partners.

Throughout his teenage years he slayed evil-doers and claimed their souls for Hagane, along the way meeting yet another weapon named Komiji Tsuninshiki. Though fighting her before becoming friends, they immediately noticed a connection in each other and decided to team up. Eventually he was able to make Hagane a Death Scythe, however he decided he would wait until he could gain another 99 evil souls for Komiji as well so that he could make them both stronger. The three of them made a very exceptional team, alone they could easily match up with a team such as Maka Albarn and Soul or Black Star and Tsubaki. They slayed 99 more souls over about a month and Kiriko was finally able to make them both Death Scythes. However, this time, another Weapon resented herself; This time HE was confronter by her.

Lucye Kakushin.

Lucye is essentially the reincarnation of the very same Katana known as Kakushin, that was thought to have been destroyed about a hundred thousand years ago. This girl however seemed to have noticed Kiriko's increasing reputation for Soul hunting and sought him out of her own accord to request that he accept her as a partner. Kiriko of course obliged happily and completed his set of three weapons. Now wielding two Death Scythes, and a Legendary Blade, he was one of the strongest meisters in the academy.

Eventually through adulthood, his personality caused the people of the city to cast him away. Kiriko accepted his exilement with no resistance and pursued his own goals alongside his partners.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Hand to Hand Expert

Ryuku is exceptional at hand to hand combat, utilizing close to the full potential of both Taijutsu and Jiu-Jitsu. He has been able to easily defeat enemies with his bare hands, and can normally rely on himself alone to handle even groups of enemies if necessary. There have been times where he could not use his Weapons and had to fight with his hands and still came out on top.

Master SwordsmanshipEdit

  • Kendo: Ryuku is a renouned master of the way of the sword, or Kendou, it being his best and most used sword fighting style, he has mastered every aspect of the skill and uses it the most often of his styles of fighting.
  • Iaijutsu: He also is a master of Iaijutsu, a sword fighting style that utilizes quick draw slices to eliminate his enemies quickly and in one fell swoop.


Ryuku possesses Chakra; A form of spiritual and mental energy within ones body that can be moulded into a number of different natures. He is able to exhume flames, water, and also produce walls of stone from the ground.

Soul ResonanceEdit

Mi-Koutetsu  (三-鋼鉄, literal translation: Tri-Steel): This is Ryuku and his weapon partners' strongest technique. Ryuku, Hagane, Mizore and Lucye all take stance with a certain hand seal and then the three weapons form one extremely powerful sword that Ryuku can wield single-handedly. This sword comes with a number of its own special skills.

  • Silence Breaker: In his soul resonance with all three of his weapons, he can use a movement technique where he can flicker out of view and at lightning speeds appear somewhere else. This technique is his most favored manner of movement during combat.
  • Blade Dance: Ryuku summons up a gust of wind from his mouth and can wing his weapon at his enemy with incredible speed, and can manipulate its movement with only his eyes. This gust of wind blows out quickly but the results of it connecting can be devastating.
  • Ecriture of Slaughter: Generally Ryuku only uses this technique when his darker personality has kicked in, as he does not like to use it unless the enemy genuinely deserves to be torn literally into pieces. This technique requires that he thrust his blade into the ground below him. This creates a number of glowing red writings on the ground around him like a spell circle. He then creates an aura around his sword and can use this to lengthen his blade by a considerable amount, and this aura can cut through virtually anything with ease. Upon connecting to its opponent, the effect it has can vary from just harming them to killing them instantly, sometimes it can be extremely painful but have little bodily damage.


His gentle-nature and kindness is also one of his flaws; He tends to care too much and it can distract him, make him act irrationally (especially if it invloves any of his Weapon Partners, whom he cares for deeply), and has even forced him into panic and disbelief. When he witnessed the death of his mother he was unable to process the events he had just witness and was almost killed. 

Death Scythe PartnersEdit

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Komiji Tsuninshiki (込み思つ認識 literal translation: Reticent,Unrecognized Strength): Komiji is the second of Ryuku's Death Scythes and his most favored for use. She is a rather withdrawn girl, preferring to stay behind Ryuku during anything other than battle. She also likes to watch Kiriko train, without his notice of course. Komiji has auburn, knee length hair which is usually kept down. Her eyes are a vibrant violet and her dress varies, but usually contains lace, ribbons and a lot of layers. Colors include black as the main color and blue, red or white for accent colors. She wears a skirt that stops just above the knees. For shoes she wears ankle high combat boots. Kiriko claims that he likes the form that Komiji takes in weapon-form and prefers to fight with her when he is in respectful and one-on-one blade fights, and in the occasional circumstance that he comes across Black Star, who wants to defeat him greatly.

[Ninja Blade] Hagane Zouwai 
(刃金贈賄, literal translation: Steel Corruption): Hagane is the first of Ryuku's Death Scythes and his general temper-keeper. She tends to keep him in check, so that he doesn't lose his focus and his temper during battle. She saved him as a child and raised him like a mother at only a year older than he, their bond is something that can never be broken. She wears a black sleeveless turtle-neck, and a mask around her mouth. She has jagged, chin length straight dark purple hair that is shaved on the left side. Her sclerae are black, and her right pupil is not present. Her left one however is purple. She also has a scar down the center of her face from an unknown origin. She has had it since she met Ryuku. Ryuku claims he prefers to use Hagane in fights where he needs speed and accuracy, Hagane is a ninja blade, a short sword, so this is a very advantageous weapon for Ryuku.

[Kakushin] Lucye Kakushin
(ルーシー確信, literal translation: Light Conviction/Conviction of Light): Lucye is the embodied reincarnation of the legendary weapon Kakushin. She pursued and sought out Ryuku as his reputation grew in Death City and other areas of the world. She is a beautiful girl that appears to be visualizing a princess, with a personality to match her exterior. She is a kind weapon and is very grateful to Ryuku for taking her in. According to her, her last Meister was doing... less than reputable things and so she abandoned him. She has long flowing purple hair that she keeps neatly brushed back, leaving only two strands of hair to hang in her face. Her hair reaches close to the ground in length. She wears a maid's costume, mostly in black, with purple and orange acoutrements, with frilly ends on the long, pleated skirt she wears, reaching down to her ankles. She has glowing orange eyes that seemingly pierce the very night when she opens them. Ryuku has described her as the embodiment of beauty and that her name is very complimenting to this statement. Ryuku claims that he loves her weapon form, and prefers to use her in battles against powerful opponents only. He notes that she oddly enough doesn't like to fight unless she needs to, and so he respects this by only using her when he really needs her, but always giving her the chance to make decisions in battle and has her watch his surroundings to assist him.

Trivia Edit

  • Hagane was inspired by Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach. Her appearance is similar and she also has personality traits, alongside general skills that make it apparent.
  • Kiriko actually has two other counterparts, a Naruto character and a Bleach character, and was originally named after them but later was re-named
  • Kiriko's theme song is Gekiai no Yobigoe ga Dekiai no Kyougoe wo by Imperial Circus Dead Decadence, and his theme song during his resonance with all three of his weapons is Extol by Imperial Circus Dead Decadence
  • Kiriko's favorite manga character is Yami Yugi from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga
  • Kiriko and his distant sister actually attended DWMA together, either unaware of each other's presence or unaware that they were related at all, though they attended the same classes, coincidentally.
  • Kiriko holds a particular respect for Tsubaki, Black Star's weapon partner. He has noted that he believes she is the only person who could truly grasp Black Star's personality without going insane trying to keep up with him. Black Star, as well, is one of the two people other than Mifune, that Kiriko has claimed could ever be able to match him in a sword fight
  • Kiriko's chakra abilities are derived from his counterpart, Ryuku Uchiha from the "Shounin no Dokujisei: Uchiha Ryūku " fanon story