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Kana Kaziama

仮名 カジアンマ


Kana Kazeamma


The Reformed Kishin

The Twin Katana Meister

The Resonance Queen


Female Female






121 lbs


April 18th

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Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status


Previous Affiliation




Previous Occupation(s)



Maria Nakamura

Garry Nakamura



Personal Status

Alive, Active


Mother (Deceased)

Father (Deceased)

Elena (Deceased)

Fighting Style

Light and Darkness Blade, Elemental Blade, Elbow Blade Dance, Madness Elbow Blade

Kana Kaziama is a Shibusen student and is most commonly known as "The Reformed Kishin," for her previously being a kishin before somehow becoming human again.


When Kana was born, it was found out that her parents never even wanted her and they would always abuse her, going as far as near death by stabbing her repeatedly. Her older sister, Elena was the only who kept her sane and to not kill her parents, stating that because of them, she was given life. Elena even tried to heal some of Kana's wounds after the daily torturing. Soon Kana's mother and father found out and forced Elena to do the torturing instead, having found out Elena was a weapon. Kana believed that because of her parents' abuse towards her as well as Elena's betrayal, that love was a pointless emotion. She soon ended her family's lives and soon became a kishin.

During her time as a kishin, Kana had collected many human souls and was known for her betrayal acts. She'd sometimes act kind and trustworthy to many girls, mostly younger females, and would bring them to her 'home' in the forest, eventually killing them there and moving to her next location. It was known that the mission to stop her had been posted on the mission board for a few years, but no one had taken it until Lord Death assigned it to his son, Death the Kid.


"I was once consumed into the madness myself, and I know the hurt it causes. I will never allow a friend to feel the pain I felt!"

-Kana Kaziama

Kana is a shy, but happy-go-lucky girl. She tends to act somewhat like Maka, for having her as a role model. She acts brave whenever in a fight, but her habit of shaking reveals her fear. Whenever her friends are injured or taken down by an enemy, she goes into full out fury and tries to hit the enemy with a soul resonance attack. This shows Kana's kindness and loyalty to her friends. While a kishin, she seemed cocky, even to herself whenever she muttered to herself. Whenever she'd see a couple, her personality changes from a normal teen personality into fury for her loss of love when young.


Kana is a girl of Japanese descendant. She has long dark brown hair that goes down to mid-back. She also has brown eyes and tan color skin. She has a few scars on her back from her parents abusing her as well as one on her wrist that's from a stab wound her sister delivered to her.

Kana wears a outfit that is similar in color to the Spartoi uniform colors. Her outfit is vaguely similar as well to Maka Albarn Spartoi's uniform. It consists of a white blouse and a short, blue, pleated skirt. She also wears wears black tights and black boots that reach mid-thigh Like Maka, she wears a long trench coat with a pink V-neck outline and blue cuffs; though it is white instead of black and the cloak end splits in two.

Before the clothes change, she wore a female version of Death the Kid's outfit. The only differences being it was grey, she wore a grey necktie instead of a skull one, and a short grey skirt.

Around the time of the Arachnophobia incident, Kana, yet again, changed clothes. This outfit made her resemble more of a ninja like outfit, considering her being Japanese descendant. It includes a capped-sleeve black shirt with a dark purple cropped sleeveless shirt. She wears a matching dark purple shirt and black tights. She also wears fishnet handless gloves. She also keeps her hair down with the except of two pigtails.

As a kishin, Kana's eyes held no emotion, her right eye the form of a pink broken heart. She wore mummy bandages, similar to the kishin Asura's bandages. On some of the bandages were spots of dried blood. The scars, both healed and still visible, from when she was abuse were seen all over her body.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

  • Hand to Hand Combatant: Although she prefers to fight with her weapons, she has great skill in hand to hand combat. As a kishin, this was greatly seen, as she was able to spar against Death the Kid with just punches and kicks alone. While her weapons annoy her at times, or any other person who deals a great amount of annoyance towards her, she can easily knock them out with just a hit to the head.
  • Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Although she is a katana meister at the academy, Kana is able to fight with anything that has to do with a blade, whether it being a small knife or a giant sword, she can wield it. She has great knowledge on the history of swords, and is able to tell if a weapon is good or not just by touch.
  • Katana: Kana's main specialty, she can use many techniques with a katana. Her knowledge of swords mostly expands towards the katana range, as it is her preferred weapon. She is mostly skilled in using two katanas at the same time, able to use for strategies with two.
  • Elemental Wavelength: Due to her having the elemental wavelength that is only accessible with a katana, she can control the elements while using soul resonance, however, the more powerful the element, the more stress it puts on both her and the weapons' soul. This is the reason as to Kana slowly progressing in her resonance stages.

Enhanced Durability: Kana possesses good physical resilience. She was shown being struck by Kid's Death Cannon attack multiple times while taking little damage and was able to counter-attack immediately.

Enhanced Endurance: Kana possesses great physical stamina. She has been shown, various times, using numerous soul resonance attacks in quick succession, showing little to no fatigue afterwards. Kana used powerful techniques, sustaining multiple injuries after each successive attack, while still mustering the strength to perform Elbow Blade Dance and, in the end, still having the strength to draw with her opponent, if only through hand-to-hand combat.

Enhanced Speed: Kana is shown to posses great speed in the way she travels. If where she needs to go is by land, she can quickly run a 20 mile distance in about two minutes, with barely any breathing problems in the end.

Keen Intellect: Kana has proven to be very knowledgeable about the world. Even as a kishin, she had a great amount of knowledge about what Shibusen was doing and even how the world worked. Her knowledge towards weaponry, especially swords, are large and praised by teachers. She is also book smart, being one point below Maka on the super written exam.

Soul ResonanceEdit

Kana resonance complete 3

The true power behind the elements.

While using soul resonance, Kana is capable of changing the katana into two forms. She can either change the katanas into a double katana or have the same separate katanas but a larger size. She prefers the double one though, which allows for easier spinning techniques.

Her soul wavelength gives off the elemental wavelength, allowing her access to ten element powers. However, each element is stronger than the other, making it harder to achieve each one the higher the level. It is true that most of her techniques aren't actual elements (shadow, healing, etc.) but because of her control on the main elements, they are considered element resonances.

It is known that only one blood line contains the element wavelength. If the offspring of the one with element does not posses it, that would be the end of the wavelength for good. Because of this, she is sometimes known from books as the element princess, although Kana despises the name and made sure that it was never heard again.

However, the name she's alright with is the Resonance Queen, which was given to her by a random Shibusen student. Because of the multiple elements she wields and the many ways she can use resonances, she is capable of the most resonances out of all the students of the academy.

  • Shadow: While using the shadow element, Kana can jump into the shadows and move around in them. Since this is the lowest element, she can use this multiple times in a day. While in the shadows, she can travel quickly and not be affected by weather.
  • Fire: Kaen hasu: While using the fire element, the katana can burst into flame, glowing a bright red color. The attack can melt ice and leave multiple burn marks on the target.
  • Water: Mizu suraisā: While using the water element, the katana glows a deep blue and water mist emits from the blade. The attack can be either cold or warm depending on the user's desire and action.
  • Lightning: Kaminari harubādo: While using the lightning element, the katana glows a bright yellow color and lightning sparks emit from the blade. The attack has to come in contact with the target and will shock them like a lightning bolt.
  • Ice: Aisuringā: While using the ice element, the katana glows a bright blue color and an ice path follows Kana while she moves. The attack has to come in contact with the target and freezes them up from the waist or higher.
  • Wind: Kaze buranketto: While using the wind element, the katana glows a light blue and wind picks up around the user. The wind can be controlled in many ways except for offensive attacks. It can create wind barriers for defense and it's used as a way to move. The user can jump onto the wind and it can carry the user wherever they want to go. It can also be used to catch somebody, as seen when Kana was falling once and used the wind to catch herself before she hit the ground.
  • Earth: Kuzureochiru guraundo: While using the Earth element, the katana glows a light brown color and the ground starts to shake, resembling an earthquake. The user can use the attack in two ways. The first being the use shoves the katana into the ground and a large crack forms, causing the ground to split and a giant beam is cast on the enemy. The other attack is when the user runs towards the enemy with multiple rocks coming out from the ground. They would then strike their opponent with the blade and rocks.
  • Healing: While using the healing element, the katana glows a soft pink color and lights the user in the same color. The user needs to concentrate greatly while using the resonance because one slight change can result in death for the wounded. The way to use the resonance is terrifying in a sense, however. To use it, the user must stab the wounded where the damage is. If it's the whole body, then the heart. The wounded is not hurt or killed because of the element and the cut is gone once the katana is removed, with no blood evident. The downside to this attack, however, is that it greatly tires the user, for it takes the user's energy and uses it as a remedy to heal the wounded.
  • Light: Hikari no funsai yajirushi: While using the light element, the katana glows a bright white color with a small yellow tint. The katana's light can go as bright as the user wants, possibly bright enough to bling someone. The user charges towards the enemy while engulfed in the bright light and slashes at them, making an 'x' shape with the cuts. The attack is known to be a 'pure' attack, meaning that it can also be a way to unpossess somebody. It is known that because of it's 'purity' as well that it doesn't quite cut the opponent, however, if feels as if they were cut.
  • Darkness: Yami ga mezamemasu: While using the darkness element, the katana glows a shiny black color and the user is surrounded by shadows. The attack can be very deadly if used while angered. The darkness blade can fight with emotion. Based on the user's intent to kill or harm, the blade can form just how strong the attack would be. However, with this attack, it has the highest chance of causing the user to die.

Soul Resonance TechniquesEdit

  • Light and Darkness Blade: These blades allows Kana to control light and darkness. These are the last and second to last elements she can control. Both blades allow the katana to grow in size and to change color to match the element.
  • Light Blade: The light blade gives off a warm serenade feeling and shines a bright yellowish-white. The affects of the light blade can light up a room, burn an opponent, and change people on the verge of good and evil to good. Using this blade also decreases the chance of madness.
  • Darkness Blade: The darkness blade shines a solid, slick, black that gives off a shadowy effect. The effects of the darkness blade can make a room go dark and change people on the verge of good and evil to evil. To use this blade, the meister must call upon the "King of the Elements". If the king states the meister is capable of the darkness sword, they will not fall into madness. However, if the opposite is declared, the meister's soul will be consumed by madness for a long period of time before they can no longer handle it and pass out or die. Along while using the darkness blade with madness, the meister and weapon will have black spots, lines, and other shapes appear on their bodies.
  • Elemental Blade: The elemental blade is the highest blade accessible with an elemental wavelength. The user calls upon the ten elements and they appear in multiple orbs out of the meister's soul. They all then gather into one giant rainbow orb that disperses into the katana(s). The katanas will grow greatly in size and glow a faint rainbow color. The attack is so great that it can eliminated a witch with just one slash. However, due to the amount of strength it takes, it is nearly impossible to be activated. Only once has it been activated before Kana so the full history about it is very much spotted.
  • Elbow Blade Dance: This technique is another form of resonance Kana can unlock. To use the elbow blades, it only requires the first five elements accessible. As she releases her element wavelength, she concentrates on changing the form of the katanas. They "melt" and move to her elbows, cutting into her elbow to for blades. She then runs directly to her opponent and great speed, slashing at them in many directions.
  • Madness Elbow Blade: While the elbow blade is in use, as it cuts into her skin, blood can seep out of the wound and wrap around the blades, forming a kishin eye pattern. This appears on the weapons' bodies as well and this increases the attack's strength. However, it ups the chance of falling into madness.


Although she seems to be fearless and has no weaknesses, she truly has many. She can easily be distracted and her kindness and get the best of her sometimes. While she has a cocky attitude, that can easily put her at a slight disadvantage. Also mentioning about her past can also allow her to hesitate in a fight.


Kana Kaziama's Relationships


  • Kana's name was based off of the creator's real name. Wanting a name that started with the same letter, Kana was the first name to appear in her mind.
  • It is merely coincidental that an actual cannon character that appears in Soul Eater Not! is named Kana.
  • Maria and Garry were based off of Natsu and Gray from Fairy Tail, along with Hikaru and Karou from Ouran High School Host Club. They're personalities tend to lean towards Natsu and Gray when they fight, but lean towards Hikaru and Karou in their speech. They're personalities were made up as the creator made them, originally being a happy and trusting brother and sister relationship. However, the creator got bored of that and felt there needed to be conflict between the twins at one point and thus changed their personas, turning to be what they are now.
  • The reason for Kana having so many outfits, is that the creator couldn't decide a true outfit for Kana to stick with. She would come up with a new design in her head and make a new one
  • Kana is loosely based off her creator's own personality.
  • Kana's theme song is 'How can I Remember to Forget?'