Basic Information
Age 15
Blood Type B
Species Evil Human
Gender Male
Soul Count Unknown
  • William (killed the william's parents, and was in turn killed by william)
  • unknown
  • William
Affiliations Alcapone (former), Himself
Physical Information
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Unknown
Special Attributes Smile Mask/ Kishin Egg soul.
Attacks and Enhancements

Jester is an evil human in the series.


Jester is a sadistic killer with no remorse for human life. He is also a dark comedian, and enjoys telling sick morbid jokes before he kills a victem.


He has dark green hair and eyes of an unknown color. He wears a dark black trenchcoat, black pants, black shoes, and a green dress shirt. He wears a white mask that has red lips and a purple lighting-shapped stripe over the left eye. He probably has sharp teeth, like all other evil humans in soul eater.


He was once a member of the Alcapone Gang, untill Al screwed him over and left him for dead. His face was horribly scarred, and thats why he wears the mask.

He is the one who killed William's parents.


  • He is inspired by Jester from the fear mythos.
  • He is also inspired by the Heath Ledger portrayal and the Jack Nicolson Portrayal of the Joker.


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