Hiro Inukai

犬会 博


Inukai Hiro


Demon Wepon


Male Male








December 21st

Hair Color

Dark Blue

Eye Color

Icy Blue

Professional Status

Death Weapon Meister Academy






Genesis Frey

Personal Status



Daisuke Inukai (father)
Unnamed grandmother (deceased)
Ryo Inukai (Cousin)



Weapon Form


Hiro Inukai (犬会 博 Inukai Hiro) is a Demon Weapon from the Inukai family, a long line of weapons. He is the son of Daisuke Inukai. After an incident, Hiro moved in with his mother where he met his partner. After being kidnapped by the witch Medusa, he joined the DWMA along with his partner. 

Hiro is known as the Ice-Sword and is partner to meister, Genesis Frey .


Hiro is from the Inukai family with nearly every single member being a weapon of some kind. One weapon form in particular is common in the bloodlines, the Ice-Sword. It skips a generation, the previous Ice-Sword being Hiro's grandfather. However, those who choose to become meister to the Ice-Sword are putting themslves in danger as every meister who as partnered with the Ice-Sword has been killed by their weapons freezing their souls, including Hiro's grandmother. As a result of this, Hiro's father, Daisuke hated his grandfather as well as Hiro for being the Ice-Sword. Daisuke would let Hiro know he hated him, constantly berating him and telling him that he wasn't allowed to have a meister. After a fire destroyed his childhood home, Hiro was badly scarred and went to live with his grandmother (on his mother's side).

From ages nine and up, Hiro lived under the care of his grandmother who helped to raise him and attempt to fix the damage that had been done to him by his father. During a walk one night, Hiro was attacked and nearly mugged by Genesis. Though, he had no money to give her. Before she let him go, Hiro told her that if she kept on this path, she would end up dying. He later finds her lying half-dead in the street, he drags her home and asks his grandmother to care for her. She was hesitant at firstm but Genesis stayed longer and let herself heal.

It was duing this time that Gen learned that Hiro was a weapon, being a mesiter she wanted a partner. Hiro was incredibly reluctant, not only from what his father had told him but from the stories of previous Ice-Swords. Genesis insited, and Hiro's grandmother told him about her incredibly flexible and durable soul. Finally, Hiro agreed and they began training together. 

After Hiro's grandmother passed away, Hiro and Gen moved to Death City, but stayed away from the DWMA. Despite not joining, both Hiro and Gen believed in the protection of human souls as law. During a fight to protect some humans, Gen and Hiro were attacked but an unknown assailant and Hiro went missing. Genesis joined the DWMA to get help in finding Hiro who was eventually found under the capture of the witch Medusa. He was soon rescued by Gen and joined the academy alongside her. 


In contrast to Genesis's fiery, bold personality, Hiro is cold and relaxed. He's quiet and rather peaceful, he keeps to himself and doesn't speak much. Though his personality is often seen as laid-back, a large part of it is his neurotic tendecines to keep to himself. He's quiet and incredibly anxious around others, largely in part to his father's negelct and abuse. 

With the help of Genesis he's been able to find some confidence in himself and when he's with her he isn't an anxious, but he still holds large amounts of self-doubt and fear. 


Hiro is on the taller side, he has dark blue hair that covers half his face and sharp, icy blue eyes. His skin is incredibly pale and cold to the touch. He wears a black hoodie and jeans, underneath his hoodie is a white T-Shirt. He also wears black fingerless gloves. Down the entire length of his left arm and the left side of his chest, down his to his hips is a large burn scar due to the fire that destroyed his home. 


Hiro's weapon form

In his weapon form, his blade is made of unbreakable, unmeltable ice. The handle is silver, in the center of the crossguard is a blue gem, another blue gem is at the bottom of the handle. 


Genesis Frey Edit

Hiro has an incredibly close relationship with Genesis. They work incredibly well together and are best friends. Genesis regards Hiro very highly and he does the same for her. Both would give their lives for each other. Genesis urges Hiro to do his best and stay determined while Hiro pushes her and fights her stubborn attitude, also trying to get her to take care of herself more and to care. 

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Ice-Sword Hiro inherited the family ability to transform into the Ice-Sword, a powerful and rare weapon that skips a generation in his family. The traits of the Ice-Sword are their icy blue eyes are dark blue hair. The Ice-Sword also have icy cold skin, cold breath and cold blood. They are unable to handle intense amounts of heat in their human forms, but can manage in weapon forms. Cold weather has no affect on them. 

Though he struggles, Hiro is able to turn on arm into his own blade and fight without his miester. He doesn't like doing this, but he will if Genesis is not around or unable to fight.

Snowstorm Hiro's main attack while resonating with Genesis, Gen fires a huge, powerful cloud of snow that knocks back, freezing and damages anyone caught inside of it. 

Icestorm A more powerful attack while the two are resonating and can only be done during a powerful resonance, mostly during Resonance Link with Maka, Kid and Black☆Star. It's similar to Snowstorm, but has hundres of tiny, razor sharp ice shards that cut enemies. 

Soul Freeze Not so much an ability as it is a danger that meister's face when weilding the Ice-Sword. If not careful, the Ice-Sword's freezing wavelength can freeze the meister's soul. It's possibly to cure, but it doesn't take long for it to completely kill the mesiter.