Genesis Frey

ジェネシス フレイ




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April 9th

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Professional Status

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Previous Affiliation

Scarlet Shadows


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Ice-Sword Meister


Hiro Inukai

Personal Status



Cahn Frey (unknown residence/status) Mother (deceased)



Fighting Style

Hand-to-hand combat

Genesis Frey (ジェナサス・フレイ Jenasasu Furei) is a student at the DWMA and the daughter of meister, Cahn Frey. She is the partner to Hiro Inukai. When she was nine years old, her father vanished leaving her to fend for herself. After three years living with a gang known as the Scarlet Shadows, she was taken in my Hiro and his grandmother. It was there when she taught herself to master Hiro as a weapon and learned hand-to-hand combat. She didn't join the DWMA until a battle where Hiro vanished and she joined to find help in finding him. She then decided to stay and is a top student.


Genesis was born to Cahn Frey after he left the academy, she only knows what her father has told her of her mother that she died while giving birth. Genesis first met Hiro when they were both children, but after a short conversation she didn't see him again until much later. One day, when Gen was nine years old her father vanished. In a panic, Gen tried to fend for herself. She didn't have any other family, so she made what she could in their house. When she ran out of food, she went outside where she ran into the leader of a female gang known as the Scarlet Shadows who took her in and helped care for her. She lived with them until she was twelve years old. She met Hiro again when he was walking outside and she mugged him, he told her that she was going to die or go to prison of she kept this route, which riled her thoughts. Genesis decided to leave the gang and try and live somewhere else, but the gang didn't agree. After attacking her and leaving her to die in the street, Hiro found her and took her to his house where his grandmother treated her wounds.

She was very aggressive at first, not wanting to talk to him or his grandmother. She only wanted to stay until her wounds were healed, but after a long conversation with Hiro's grandmother about being a meister, she decided to stay longer. She learned that Hiro was a weapon known as the Ice-Sword, an rare and powerful sword with a blade made of ice that never melts. She was intrquided and wanted to learn how to master the sword, despite the risks and how difficult it would me. Gen then learned she was a ultility meister and can weild multple wapons. After training together, Hiro and Genesis became incredibly close. When Hiro's grandmother passed away, Hiro and Gen went to Death City to live, but Gen refused to join the DWMA, just wanting to live a peaceful life for once.


Genesis is an incredibly hostile girl, she is very stand offish and has a sharp attitude. She will easily snap at people if they annoy her and doesn't hesitate to yell at anyone. When she's alone, Gen is much more relaxed and comfortable. She doesn't like large groups of people and prefers it when she's alone or with Hiro. She has a soft spot for Hiro, but isn't afraid to snap at him if he's iritating her. 

When it comes to fighting, Genesis is skilled and confident. She's quick to jump into a fight but won't put other's lives at risk. She works incredibly well with Hiro and she doesn't like working with any other weapon, but will if she has to. She's aggresive and isn't afraid to hurt someone who threatens the ones she cares about. 

Along with her hostile personality, Genesis is incredibly stubborn. When she has her mind set on something it's rare that she'll change it and will argue with anyone who tries to tell her otherside, including Hiro. 

She didn't want to go to DWMA but keeps up with her studies, and even helps Hiro study who is a lot less focused. When she's not talking with others, she keeps quiet and to herself until someone talks to her which can result in yelling or a friendly conversation.


Genesis is of average height and weight, she has long black hair pulled up in a ponytail. When sleeping she wears her hair down, she has a scar under her chin which is nearly impossible to see unless someone is looking for it. Her eyes are grayish-blue eyes and fair skin. 

She normally wears a dark blue hoodie and a black pleated skirt. Underneath she wears gray leggings and black combat boots. She also wears black sleeveless gloves. Underneath her hoodie is a white tank top.

Her soul is sapphire blue and is seen to be angry most of the time. It's describe as stubborn, flexible and reseiliant. 


Hiro InukaiEdit

Genesis has an incredibly close relationship with Hiro. They work incredibly well together and are best friends. Genesis regards Hiro very highly and he does the same for her. Both would give their lives for each other. Genesis urges Hiro to do his best and stay determined while Hiro pushes her and fights her stubborn attitutude, also trying to get her to take care of herself more and to care. 


Physical AbiltiesEdit


After training with Hiro's grandmother she learned how to fight with Hiro as a sword and by extension can handle pretty much any sword. She excels at close combat and is very agile, able to dodge and avoid attacks, weilding her weapon with ease and prescison. 

Hand-To-Hand CombatEdit

Even without her sword, Genesis can hande her own in combat. After being with her gang for three years she learned important fighting techniques, most of which are quite ruthless. With Hiro's grandmother she learned much more, she studied the human body and learned the pressure points and weak spots on the body. She's not the best at it, but she can temporarly paralyze someone.

Special AbiltiesEdit

Soul Resonance Edit

Able to resonate with Hiro, Gensis is capable of more magical abilites. In this state, her eyes turn icy blue and the air around Hiro's blade becomes cold. One trick she uses is to freeze the bottom of her shoes and skate, which allows for quick transport. 


Her main attack while using Soul Resonance with Hiro, she fires out a large blast of snow and freezing air from Hiro, those hit are knocked back quite violently.


Despite her combat skills, Genesis has a number of weakness. During combat she tends to lose herself and can become reckless without realizing it. This plays into her stubbornness as well as she will often refuse to step down from a fight that she thinks she can win. If she loses herself, her skills falter and she can get herself or others hurt. She's also incredibly pessimistic, mostly about herself. She underestimates her own skills and thinks herself to be rather weak, especially compared to Black☆Star or Death The Kid, even Maka. If she doubts herself too much, then she is unabe to weild Hiro properly.