Drake is a powerful and the first vampire to attend the DWMA. Around seventeen years old and mature but despite being a one star Meister he's strong when it comes to fighting he accsionly mocks his opponent during duels and missions. He is also very close to Tsubaki. His weapon partner is Crim.


Drake appears as a tall but thin average teenager wearing a red t-shirt beneath his long black leather jacket and dark blue pants with a chain wrapped around his left leg, he also wears a silver ring in a shape of a dragon. For being a vampire he stands out for his incredibly pale skin and almost glowing red eyes with slitted pupils, long fangs within his mouth with dark black hair.


Drake is the youngest prince of the Dragon Family a powerful noble group of vampires that made themselves known after the death of the Kishin Asura. Drake attended the DWMA out of his own desire after Lord Death agreed to a peace treaty with his father Vlad Dracu. Before attending he successfully completed three missions including a two star mission spreading rumours around the academy causing a rise of jealousy from Black Star and Soul. When Drake first arrived the pair confronted him, out of no desire to fight them they gave him no other choice and the three fort outside the school. Easily becoming a match for Black Star and Soul, Dr. Stein explained to the rest of Maka's team that Drake is a vampire causing uneasiness. Black Star took this as challenge paring himself with Soul they almost overwhelmed him until Drake partnered with his Weapon Crim causing a tie break between them. Before leaving Drake saw Tsubaki and smiled at her causing her blush.


Drake at heart is kind and thoughtful person who has deep respect for the students but becomes incredibly insecure when he's the centre of attention. At truth Drake hates fighting unable to make quick decisions to walk away or stand and fight he openly shows this after a quick fight with kiriouke. He later admits that the reason he attended the DWMA is so that he can make friends, believing deeply that vampires and humans can co-exist a prime example of this is when he earns the respect of Team Maka.

Powers and abilities

Drake is strong and powerful making him the fifth best fighter at the academy. When wielding Crim he can perform dragon-like abilities.

Tremendous strength

Quick agility

Crimson whip - he can let loose a whip of red lightening from his sword causing a lot of damage.

Dragon Fang - When Crim becomes Dragon fang his powers become twice as powerful

Dragon Claw - When in Dragon Fang mode he can let out a wave of red energy with one swing of his sword

Wings - he can sprout a pair of wings

Bat swarm - Drake and turn his entire body into a swarm of bats blinding his enemies to gain the advantage.

Soul wave length

Fang punch - a powerful punch

Bat kick - his second most powerful wave length ability

Blood cannon - he can fire his opponent with his wave length making it one of his most powerful wave lengths.

Soul resonance Soul chain

Chain scythe - he can wield Tsubaki perfectly matching their Soul lengths he has great skill with the chain.

Enchanted Sword - Drake can also wield Tsubaki when she is Enchanted Sword mode thanks to the Kishin half of his soul the two of them are unaffected by the swords Influence.


Tsubaki - Drake has a crush on Tsubaki since he'd arrived at the school and respects her in every way for her kind heart and maturity, but occasionally teases her going as far as calling her beautiful but he truly meant it bringing the two of them closer.

Crim - Crim is Drake's weapon partner and have been together since he began his training. She cares much about Drake worried encase of Drake's growing sad she also very supportive and offers encouragement whenever he's in a tight situation.

Maka - Drake respects her as being team leader and follows her orders, despite her uneasiness around him for the shape of his soul he eventually earns her respect.

Soul - like Black Star he sees Drake aaa rival but occasionally gets over it from time to time but like Maka, Drake slowly gains Soul's respect.

Death the kid - The two get along despite Kid's symmetrical rantings Kid is obsessed with Drake's chain being around his left leg.

Black Star - Black Star sees Drake however as his rival since they first fort growing more and more jealous from him being the centre of attention, even as to go far and kill him. Drake sees Black Star annoying and loud but admires his team spirit and guts of not giving up.

Crona - Drake has no quarrels with Crona knowing about Medusa and the Black Blood. Drake cares about Crona's insecurities but eventually Crona comforts him realising he too can't handle tuff decisions Drake thanks him for his encouragement. Ragnarok however sees Drake like everybody else he sees.

Professor Stein - He is Drake's idol hoping to become a great weapons Meister like him he admires his teachings but not dissecting.

Miss Marie - Drake respects Marie for her kindness and care for others, after their fight within the old ruin he regains her respect.


Drake is a fanfiction character created by callumlyall.9 you can read the three part story on fanfiction.