Drakolin Light Aberanx "The Demonic" Albarn 3rd or just Drake by his friends is a powerful Reaper Scythe. He is part of a race known as "Red Demon" meaning he is a sort of demon and is a member of the Kilarjarmaro Clan. he has no current Meisters but was first used by Douglas Dragrok and then Black Star. Drake at the end of Season 3 he gets sealed into time and space but is broke free by Spartoi. Drake was once the greatest Assassin that ever lived but stopped wearing the title when knowing he was not invincible.Drake is also the ancestor of Maka Albarn.


Drake at the start of Season 3 is heartless, short-tempered, cold and only cared about he's objectives. but then ends up falling love with Black star's weapon partner, Tsubaki which changing his personality to calm, kind but still is a bit rude and short-tempered. the reason at the start of season 4 that Drake is so heartless is because people treated him like a beast due to being half an artificial life form which makes him have a monkey tail(Red Demon body structure is the same as Human structure part artificial Red Demons would have a monkey tail.) and dragon wings. Drake's weakness is mostly getting distracted which meaning people could easily attack him. But he is still powerful martial artist, but gets kicked in his nuts by Black star a lot. Another weakness of his is that he is shy around Tsubaki making it hard to say stuff to her but he still flirts with her but it sometimes does not work out, for example once he said "Nice boobs!" which ending up getting him 6 slaps across the face. Drake's soul ends up getting entity called the "Judgement" and "Hatred" which are supposed to keep his emotions in check but most of the time they goof around and taunt Drake but Drake does not mind. Drake does not like people saying bad stuff about Tsubaki which results in killing the person or breaking some of there bones which is a better thing cause this is his last chance to earn the trust of people and also thinks that if he kills someone thats value to the DWMA Tsubaki will think he's a beast like all the other people. Drake also like to read a lot and has a Red Demon Bible with him and he also enjoys Manga books. He also favors weapons and even puts glasses on to look at the detail right. Drake also was a chef which he could cooked up to 568 main courses in 45 minutes. Drake also creates his ultimate form the "Demon King"(Demon Lord in the English dub.) which in this form is very clever and does not get distracted. Drake is the most mature character in the series and does not like loud and cheerful people like Black Star and Patti. Drake was once like Black Star, Cocky, Imature and Loud but the only single bit of trait from his old personality is that he say he is "The Man God Fears".


Drake is a tall young man around sixteen to seventeen years old and is a japanese descentdant which means he has the same coloured skin as Tsubaki but has a little more tan in him . his hair resembles a super saiyan 4 from the Dragon Ball franchise but is not so tall. He has Red eyes and wears a red headband with a steel plate that has a circle shaped demon on it with horns.Drake wears a red scarve around his neck that looks like konohamaru's from Naruto and black fingerless gloves. He wears a black leather jacket and a brown shirt that says "Eat the souls!". He wears black pants with a red belt ant silver buckle. Drake's jacket has red small flame designs on them which makes his jacket look as he says "Revolutionary". When his not in the DWMA he wears black pants, brown hoodie and black shades. he always wear the same shoes which are black sneckers with red laces and flame design on it. On parties he wear a black suit with a red shirt and black flame like tie. he's hair is tied into a ponytail which makes him look like Teen Gohan and wears black shoes. in between season 3 and 4 he wears a brown leather jacket and black pants with spikes on them. His scarve is shorter and wears red goggles with grey lenses rims and clears lenses. Drake's soul is a bright red color with a frowning face and three drooping hair spikes. it has two red and orange spheres with faces that look like Soul's around it which are the "Judgement" and 'Hatred'. When one of the team leaders of Spartoi he wears a white long sleeved shirt with a red scarve but shorter then his teenaged scarve. He wears black pants with flame work on the end of them and wears a short sleeved long black coat with red flame work on the end and has his same circle shaped demon on the back of his coat and has black fingerless gloves but now with red steel plates on them. As the "Demonic Albarn" he wears black pants with a pocket to keep the Lighting Kunai in. He also wears a black long sleeved shirt with two pockets to keep his shurikens and a brown flak jacket with the same circle shaped demon on the back and a black belt with a sliver buckle with a ninja blade on the side. he also wears a mouth guard and wears a black headband and not his red headband. He also has black fingerless gloves and black sandals that like a little like the sandals from Naruto. As the "Demon Lord" he has a black suit with a Camellia flower on the left of his chest and wears a black mask that looks like his mask from his Demon Mask forms but with this one you can see his mouth plus he has six black shadow like arms with three clawed hand on them and he also has black gauntlets. As a Scythe he has a black curved blade like Soul's and has red flame work on the blade and has a green eye with a yellow pupil on it but no one knows if he uses it to see. in his Holy Scythe form he has the same curved blade as before but the blade is rainbow coloured plus it has no eye anymore and he has a weird winged shaped point on the handle which is odd. in the humanoid Holy Scythe form he has bits of rainbow armor and rainbow parts on his wings and he has cyan coloured eyes.


Super Physical Fitness: unlike humans, Red demons are born with a high level of fitness. he is the most fit person in the franchise which means he could outrun Black star and Maka combined. he can lift up to 170 tonnes of weight with his fingers and run 240 km/h. He balance is so good he can balance on his pinky finger and not fall.

Premortaly: Drake can not die from getting impailed, illness or losing a lot of blood. but he can die from having ablade in him for over 14 hours plus they can die from Amutang metal made by the Black Angels which are the Blue Devil's favourite weapon.

Weapon Manipulation: Drake is not just any weapon. he's a powerful ranged weapon as well which allows him to change body parts into guns including AK-47, Slug Gun, Double Barrel Shotgun and MP40.

Soul Sight: Drake can see soul using nothing but pure matter. But when he sees them he can look into there past and secrets which is very rude.

Flight: Drake can fly using his Levitation which able him to fly 1250 metres in the air. He can also glide long ranges as well with his wings.

Pyrokinesis: Drake can manipulate fire using his willpower and matter combined to form a balanced atom current that allows him to easily control fire.

Telekinesis: Drake can also levitate objects using thoughts and electrons which acted like two magnets drawn together.

Chrono Telekinesis: Drake can move stuff through time with this technique.

Chronokinesis: Drake can manipulate Space-Time fabric using willpower to recreate objects that were destroyed or unborn.

Umbrakinesis: Drake can manipulate Shadow to morph them into Shadow Animals.

Photokinesis: Drake can control Photons and create light.

Atmokinesis: Drake can change the wheather if he consentrate hard enough.

Atmoskinesis: Drake can control all our elements of the planet.

Aerokinesis: Drake can manipulate air.

Lunakinesis: Drake can manipulate moon light into energy.

Biokinesis: Drake can alter his Genes to change his abilities.

Electrokinesis: Drake main elements are Fire and Lighting which allow him to manipulate electric currents in the body.

Cyrokinesis: Drake can freeze stuff with this technique.

Chlorokinesis: Drake can manipulate the Eco system.

Mirror Manifestation: Drake has the ability to project a mirror implanted in his brain cells into reality. He uses this to contacted Lord Death.

Prana Control: Drake has complete control over his Prana which allows him to manipulate atoms and natural forces.. He also can use Yin-Yang. Drake can fire energy bolts from any part of his body.

Red Demon Art: The Red Demon's trade mark style. Drake has study the Red Demon Art for years and has mastered it. These techniques involve hand seals which activate Prana within the body and then create elements .used for the techniques.

Eye Laser: Drake can projected energy waves from his eyes by channeling Prana into his eyes.

Tension: Red Demons have mastered they eyes which ended up creating a super eye. Drake can activate a special technique called Tension which gives him powerful eyes. When using Tension he can use ESP, super eye sight and Telepathy. there are 6 levels of Tension plus Drake gets the most powerful one, The Space-Time Tension.

Sage Technique: Drake's grandfather tought him some Sage Techniques for future purposes. He can turn invisible and heal people by transfer his body part into people and get there part which heals them but after a second his parts go back to normal. Drake must not use this on a dead person, it will work but it will maybe kill him in the process.

High Martial Arts: Drake has study martial arts for all his life which means he has is more advanced than people with black belts. Drake's rank is SSSX which is the ultimate Martial Arts rank.

Demon Mask: Drake's atificial cells are not stable enough to keep him alive so the cells created a mutation to keep him alive. Just because when he transforms and go out of control it may look bad but its so his cells can keep him alive.

Beast Entity Mode: Drake can transform into a wild beast like transformation when he gets angry. it is possible that he is become like the original Red Demons.


Most people like he said say he's a freak, a animal, a beast with no purpose. But there are people who think of him as not any of those but this is Drake's last chance to fit in so it's going to be hard.

Rachel Denamor

Drake's original girlfriend. Drake said that she was the only one who cared when no one else did. Rachel told Drake to protect humans due to that she is one and that not all humans a war-like. Rachel had a son named Moray Albarn who started the bloodline.

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

At first, Drake became shy to her after he fell in love with her. Drake always kept on nosebleeding when his saw her naked and tried not do it again but could not stop due to cause he was in love. Drake had always protected her from harm like when a group of rogue samurais attacked he took the blow for her and blocked the they blades from her. Drake and Tsubaki become good friends. Tsubaki is also the second person to respected him like people would really do. Once Drake visites Tsubaki just to how she was doing and had there first on-screen kiss. In the 3 years later OVA there relationship is over but Drake tried to win her heart back he asked Black Satr for advice which he ended up spying on her when she was naked. later he ended up dying for her by getting killed by Amutang Blades. in the end Tsubaki confessed her love for Drake and kissed. in the future they got married and had a son named Angelo.

Black Star

At first when Drake met him he asked him why he would want to surpass god but Black Star did not answer. When Drake took out the group for Prana Training, they ended up getting on the wrong foot. Drake was asigned to him to stop the kishin from awakening within him. it is revealed that Drake as a kid was like Black Star in a lot of ways.After they became rivals of Technique due to being two of the fittest people in the series. Black Star later becomes Drake's Apprentice and told him how to use Prana. but the more they fight for each other, the more they become friends.Sometimes Drake asks for advice about Tsubaki but it mostly never works.

Soul Eater

Unlike Black Star, Soul does not torment him all the time. But they have become good friends and will help each other out. but Drake finds Soul a little bit annoying.

Maka Albarn

Drake thinks that Maka is a joke due to being named after a Blue Devil. But even if she has that name, he still cares about her .Is just because they don't always get along. Maka respects him just because he's her ancestor.

Spirit Albarn

Drake thinks Spirit is a traitor cause of breaking one of his family's sacred laws

Death The Kid

Drake has no grudge on Kid which means he can be called a friend. Drake never attacks him during a session due to having a contract with Lord Death to not hurt Kid.

Family(Close Family)

Damien Albarn

Drake's Father, Drake did not meet his father but stil had feelings for him. his dad is part Death Dragon

which had a big impacted on Drake's life but Drake still cared about his Father.

Stacy Albarn

Drake's Mother, Drake's mother died when he was still forming which is the reason he's part artifical. But Drake has no grudge on his mother.

Ezekeciel Albarn

Drake's Brother, When they were little they use to defend each other from the world knowing the world was against them. but when they were 14, there bond broke and they had to move away from each other. Now Drake hated his Brohter for all the crimes he did and blamed on him. later in the series Drake kill him using the Lighting Kunai.

Moray Albarn

Drake's first Son, Drake and Moray only meet in Time and Space which means there no close bond between them. but it looks like Moray still cared about his father. Moray's mother is Rachel.

Angelo Albarn

Drake's second Son, Drake and Angelo have a close bond and bepend on each other to keep alive. The two are very close and will fight together. Angelo's mother is Tsubaki.


Drake was part of the Kilarjarmaro Clan, a powerful fighting bloodline which was feared by the Nakatsukasa Clan. Drake was a orphan who grew up with his brother, Ezekeciel. Drake was feared by people due to being a descentdant of the original Red Demons. Drake and his brother were claimed by there grandfather, Asurak Asurokar who was the pupil of the great Sage, Gizeen. Drake then one day met a girl named Rachel who thought of him as a person than a beast so the two became friends. When thirteen he started to play the guitar which he got really good at it so Asurak made him a powerful guitar called the FaceMelter. At fourteen he got a job at the bar to play music with a band called GXD who were also think Drake was a cool guy. At fifteen he became the Demonic Albarn" who's mission was to destroy all the rogue assassains of the world. One day he met a man named Red Star who was wanted to fight Drake so he accepted the fight but ended up killing Red Star. After Drake stop being the "Demonic Albarn" and ended up falling in love with Rachel and ended up becoming a couple. at sixteen he became a chef and made up 120 different dishes of food. But just when he turned seventeen he became a scout in the Red Demon Army. He was sent on a mission to find the weapons the Blue Devils uses and he saw a lot of Reaper Scythes like him. In the war Drake got frozen in ice and was knocked out for 800 years.


1. Drake likes whales

2. Drake has black hair but on one of the manga books he has tanned brown hair.

3. Drake is the only main Protagonist who's not human.

4. Drake's blood is fused with red and lime green which make a light tan maroon color.

5. Drake's torso is covered in scars that have been carved into words and pictures like one of them say "WTF?" and one has a ball man putting up the finger saying "Yo fucknuts? it's probing time!".

6. Drake's Personality is based on Shadow the hedgehog's silent type personality and Assassin the hedgehog's Ruthless and destructive actions from the Sonic the hedgehog series and the alien Paul's Knowledge, smoking and cursing from the 2011 film "Paul".

7. Besides being 17, Drake is biologically 817 years of age.

8. Drake can survive underwater and deep space and even in a star.