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Death Scythe (デス サイズ Desu Saizu) is the title given to some of the most powerful weapons in the world. Attining this prestigious title qualifies a weapon to be wielded by Death himself.

World PowerEdit

Attaining Title of Death ScytheEdit

Special AbilitiesEdit

Significance with DeathEdit

Known Death ScythesEdit

Gen II Death ScythesEdit

Name Jurisdiction Title Meister
Marie WheelerOceaniaDemon Mace (魔棍棒 Makonbō)Margot Derfinger
Nicola SmithNorth AmericaDemon Broadsword (魔段平 Madanbira)Miles Kano
ShivaWestern AsiaDemon Vajra (魔杵 Makine)Nazam Hughes
Tlaloc RomeroSouth AmericaDemon Wand (魔杖 Matsue)Rene

Gen I Death ScythesEdit

Name Jurisdiction Title Meister
Azusa YumiEastern AsiaDemon Crossbow (魔棍棒 Maseki Yumi)Unknown
Dengu DingaAfricaRainbow Axe (虹の斧 Niji no Ono)Alexander
Djinn GallandWestern AsiaDemon Lamp (魔ランプ Maranpu)Zubaidah
Justin LawEuropeDemon Guillotine (魔ギロチン Magirochin)None
Marie MjölnirOceaniaDemon Hammer (魔鎚 Matsui)Franken Stein
Tezca TlipocaSouth AmericaDemon Mirror (魔鏡 Makyō)Enrique
Tsar PushkaEastern EuropeDemon Cannonball (魔砲弾 Mahōdan)Feodor
SpiritNoneDemon Scythe (魔鎌 Makama)Varies
Soul EvansNoneDemon Scythe (魔鎌 Makama)Maka Albarn


  • In FbAddict's fanon story of Soul Eater, the canon Death Scythes are referred to as Gen I and my fanon death scythes will be called Gen II.

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