"Ohhhhhh laddie deee, ladddieeee doooo, baby I cant get my eyes off youuuuuu~"-Charon sining broadway songs.

Charon Mc'Harron Death aka Charon The Ferryman is Lord Death's younger brother and Kid's uncle. He is given the duty to keep Necrolocks at bay.


Origanally like his brother, Charnon looked frightening. Hooded and wore a black cloak, skull-faced, and frail. But seeing this frightening so many people he changed it during the 50's. He resembles a young man, dressed in a black and white pinstriped suit and a Italian Ferryman hat with a stache and beard.


Like his brother, Charon is a child at heart. He also loves his nephew giving him noggies and joking with him. He is also VERY protective over his family and his brother's students. The reason why was when Lord Death and Charon were young Lord Death was protective over him. He also loves to sing and always has women swooning over him. He can be bit of a pervert though, a skirt chaser, and ends up reaper-chopped, Maka's mother blamed him for putting such influence over her ex-husband.