• Mkatkannon

    So who's active?

    July 15, 2014 by Mkatkannon

    I'm new on the wiki, and as there's no chat i'd like to meet all the active users. 

    So anyone who reads this, hi, my name is Mkatkannon, I am a large fan of soul eater and am developing characters and stories.

    We need promotion, which we can only apply for if we have 200 pages minimum. If we don't have an active wiki this is impossible. Therefore I believe it is essential that we on this wiki must make more pages to receive a spotlight, therefore promotion, therefore more members and more activity. 

    I come from Shipoffools wiki. A One Piece fanon, which is very active and has many members. In time this wiki could grow to such proportion in an amount of time. To have this happen we need more activity, so I request everyones help to achieve thi…

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  • Mkatkannon

    Hello everyone, i've added a template which may be helpful in the creation and organization of characters.

    It is called the parent tab template. 

    To use it, you do

    Two of { to start,


    |maxwidth = 20

    |bordercolor = gray

    |borderradius = 6

    |height = 2.2

    |backcolor = (Back Color for Selected Box)

    |textcolor = (Text Color for Selected Box)

    |tab1 = (What you want tab 1 to be)

    |altbackcolor = (Back Color for Non-Selected Boxes)

    |alttextcolor = (Text Color for Non-Selected Boxes)

    |tab2 = (What you want tab 2 to be)

    |tab3 = (What you want tab 3 to be)

    |tab4 = (What you want tab 4 to be)

    |tab5 = (What you want tab 5 to be)

    ( You can add more tabs by doing |tab(number you want) )

    Then add two of } to close it

    The tabs will open a new page, which you c…

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  • Dogmaster555


    April 9, 2012 by Dogmaster555

    can somebody help me make a character profile

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  • Dogmaster555


    April 9, 2012 by Dogmaster555

    Can somebody help me make a character profile

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  • Bombadcrowftw
    • Try to make a clear background, details always help reinforce the believability of the story you are trying to convince others that your character went through in their past.
    • Giving your attacks/abilities a 'series', or abilities that compliments one another is always nice and looks like you didn't just create something random and toss it in the character's arsenal.
    • More will be added weekly.

    • Your not a god. Don't think just because you have a typewriter, that you can make this all powerful being that outshines even the greatest of the canon characters. AKA: Your not going to have an all powerful immortal being that can destroy Shinigami, Asura. Or anyone amongst this caliber. It's fun to dream, but please, stay within the laws of reality, an…

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  • TriviaVoid

    Right now I am making a project called Soul Eater: The Green Soul. I've confirmed last episodes for season 1. The endings are "Daybreak's Bell", "Answer", and "Forbidden" for season 1.

    Here are the next confirmed episodes:

    • 22 - Boom or Crash? Weapon And Meister, Resonance Link?
    • 23 - The Kishion With Green Soul - Mifune, and the Meisters, Engage?
    • 24 - Engage The Green-Souled Kishion! Part One: The Battle Continues?
    • 25 - Engage The Green-Souled Kishion! Part Two: Black*Star, Kid, Fusi, Kim, Ox, Kilik, Mifune, and Angela Unleash?
    • 26 - Maka And Soul Awake - Main Meister and Weapon's Friends Are With Mifune And Angela?
    • 27 - Mifune and Meisters vs. Asura - Asura Comes Back Alive?
    • 28 - Big Dash Worth - How Much Dash Could Mifune And The Meisters, With T…
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  • DeathTheKid88

    Bakugan RP Site

    February 15, 2011 by DeathTheKid88

    The New Generation of Bakugan has arrived! Are you ready?

    Bakugan World Championship: The New Generation begins 10 years after the first season of the original Bakugan Battle Brawlers, and the new main protagonist is Calvin Kuro. The 'Bakugan World Championship' is a huge area that has been created by the powers of the Bakugans, and some of the Bakugan have evolved over the generations. There are now new Bakugan, Cards, and others that were created by the 'Bakugan World Championship;' however, one evil Brawler named "Skull," the Shinigami Brawler from the Death World, wanted to destroy the 'Bakugan World Championship' area and take all the Bakugan and human souls to rule the universe. Dragonus, the only non-evil Bakugan from the Death World,…

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